Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another milestone...Big Boy Bed!!

     OK, many of you are saying.. what?  Big Boy Bed?  Isn't Jayden 3 years old already?  To that I say.. Yes he is and yes he is just getting out of the crib! Yes it is true.  Jayden has continued to sleep in a crib.  I have been wanting to convert his crib for a while now..but I had a lot of opposition from John. John has had a fear that Jayden will decide to wake in the middle of the night and start walking around.  His biggest fear is he will get hurt or somehow go outside.  I understand his fear because his nephew has done this already and Tanner is younger than Jayden.
     Another thing that has stopped us is the fact that Jayden likes his crib.  He has not attempted to get out at all!  He will just sit there and wait for us to answer his calls.  He will call out that he is awake, or the sun is out now time to wake up.  Simply Jayden doesn't mind the crib.  And he moves soooo much in his sleep the crib sides keep him from falling out.  He has fallen out of my bed once when he slept with me. He moves ALOT!  I have a California King size bed and it was just Jayden and I and he moved all the way off the side.
     Anyway, Saturday we went on a play date at Aidan's house.  We went swimming, played cars, and had lunch.  I told Jayden we had to go home and take a nap.  He immediately jumped in Aidan's bed and said I can nap here.  I said no that is Aidan's bed and he needs to sleep there.  I immediately saw my chance to get Jayden on my side.  I asked him if he wanted his bed like Aidan's bed.  Of course he said yes.  So we went home and before nap I took the side of his crib, very easy 4 large screws and then I added the quarter side that keeps him from rolling out.  Unfortunately the bolts from the side were too long and stuck out.  I put it together the best I could and let Jayden nap.  He was very excited.
     When John got home Jayden took him in his room and said, "See daddy its like Aidan's."  He is so proud of his big boy bed.  We had to go to Home Depot and get some shorter screws to fix the side rail.  But John was able to find the correct ones and Jayden even helped to fix it.
     Jayden has been loving his new big boy bed.  He will tell us, "I going to bed now" get in his bed, pretend to sleep, then run back in the living room and say, "Good Morning Everybody!"  He loves that he can get in and out of his bed on his own. He does not want to be picked up anymore.
     In the mornings Jayden doesn't get out of bed, he calls to me just the same as he did in the crib.  The other morning he was calling out over the monitor.. "Hurry daddy I have to go pee!"  Now he could have gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom himself, but he waits for us to go in his room.  LOL!  So needless to say he is not getting out of bed and wandering around the house.
     John is still concerned that he will wiggle and roll around and fall out of his bed on the end that is open.  But with the million pillow pets, zoobie pets, teddy bears, monkey's, and other stuffed animals he has in the bed with him I seriously don't think there is much chance. 
     So my baby is growing up way too fast!  But he has been asking me lately to, "mama you sing me a lullaby?"  Then he wants me to rock him in the glider.  But when I am done I can't lay him in his bed, I have to let him climb in his bed himself because he's a big boy.  He also tells both John and I occasionally, "you can hold me like a baby." He's a sweet little man.  And yes if you were going to ask about all the stuffed animals in his bed the answer is "YES."  He sleeps with all of them and wants more.  Sometimes I miss him because he is lost in a sea of stuffed animals. 

     OK, so I know I am way late in this area, but when did you move your child out of the crib or co-sleeping?


  1. I don't think you are late at all. Many time parents are in a rush to move their little one to a toddler or twin bed and it is a bit unsettling for the child so they become afraid and won't sleep in their own beds anyway. Or they are not old enough to get that they need to stay in bed so they do get up in the night and leave their bed.

    I think it is wonderful thay jayden is attached to his makes the transition to the toddler bed easier. Love that he still calls to daddy to go pee :-)

    The time goes by so fast...don't rush it I say!


  2. Yay Jayden!! And I agree, I don't think you were late at all! I am hoping Addie stays in her crib for another 2 years! LOL! It's nice knowing I can put her there and she can't escape!!

  3. Oh~How exciting for Jayden! I don't think you are late either~each child is different that is what makes them special!

  4. Nothing like the big kid bed! I love it. I fixed my kid's bed like that and then she decided to sleep in the twin bed...LOL

  5. Nothing wrong with it at all. It's up to you and your child. My daughter was 1 1/2, a little young, but I needed the crib for my second child that was born before she turned 2. I wanted the transition a couple months before the baby came - so she didn't feel pushed out. She LOVED becoming a big girl! And I didn't want to have to purchase another crib.

    With my son, he was about the same age, if not a little younger. His crib happened to get recalled and we were able to return it to the store. Rather than get another crib, we purchased a toddler bed and have since gotten him a twin bed.

    With both kids we used the rails, until they were ready & able to be without them.

    I did help that we had baby gates on the kitchen, their room and our room, so we didn't have to worry about them getting out. We also never allowed them to sleep with us (hubby is a heavy sleeper) and it wasn't a problem.

    Everyone's different in their family and parenting styles. Jayden seems like a well adjusted cute little boy and that's all the matters!