Sunday, July 31, 2011

I received the Blog on Fire Award

I have not received a blog award in a while and I was happily surprised when Heather from Adventures of My Life notified me that she is giving me this the Blog on Fire Award.  The rules of the award state that the recipient must list seven things about themselves and then pass the award to 10 other deserving bloggers!

7 Things about Me 

  1. I have the smartest and cutest 3 year old ever!!
  2. I have worked for the same company for 14 years.
  3. I am trying to get pregnant with my second child. 
  4. I don't like to wear shoes, I prefer being barefoot,
  5. I am currently enrolled in an Emergent Leaders Program.
  6. I have a dog and a cat and my dog is over 14 years old, my cat is closer to 16.
  7. I can't cook, wish I could but sadly for my family I am not a good cook.  But I do love to bake!
10 Most Deserving Bloggers 
  1. Alesha over at The Jacobsen Family because she is my blogging BFF.
  2. Anna over at I am Nanny Anna because she is like my blogging mom and I love her.   
  3. Karen over at The Mommy Times because she is the sweetest person ever and she is a wonderful mommy. 
  4. Roxanne over at Children Teaching Mama because she is always fun to talk to, she is so nice, and she works so hard.  
  5. Stacie over at Love You Always and Forever because she is so kind and leaves lovely comments. 
  6. Emmi over at Mommy's "Free" Time because she also leaves some really nice comments. 
  7. Sabrina over at Eco Baby Mama Drama because she is sweet and leaves nice comments too. 
  8. Skye over at Real Mom Reviews because she is so nice and always willing to help others out.
  9. Jenilee over at Six in The Nest because she brings bloggers together and shares nicely. 
  10. And Last but not at all least Tesa over at 2 Wired 2 Tired because she has a great blog that I like to read and she was so kind to think of me and include me in the Chili's Shout Out to Eat Out linky party.   
     If you don't know some of the blogs listed above then you should definitely check them out.  Tell them I sent you over.  And if your not on the list please know that I was limited to 10 blogs, but everyone deserves an award.  


  1. How very sweet and thank you so much!! Love ya!

  2. Aww! THat's so sweet of you. You are one of the very first bloggers I started talking to and you encouraged me to start blogging and reviewing, so I owe You the thanks. :) Have a great week and thanks for the award!