Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to Diapers

     Yup! We are back in diapers.  The doctor has asked us to go back to diapers for a bit.  The story... well some of you might remember me posting that Jayden doesn't want to go poop in the potty.  Well, that has gotten even more so.  He will actually squeeze and hold it so he doesn't go on the potty.  He has done it so much now that when he does go potty it hurts.  He will go 2 or more days if I let him without going.  The doctor had us giving him pedilax when he goes to 2 days and we are not to let him go 3 days.
     This past weekend it has become worse.  He was holding it, we finally gave him the pedilax, and he went, but then it was 2 days again.  So we decided it was time to go see the doctor.  Jayden is not a huge fan of going to the doctor because he is always concerned that the doctor will hurt his peepee.  He will even ask me if the doctor will pull on his peepee this time.  I reassured him that the doctor just wants to help him go poop.  So the way the doctor explained it to me is that he is holding it in as much as he can.  But at some point has to let some out.  So when he does go he only lets a small amount out.  That means his little colon is full.  So the doctor has given me a plan.  I have to give Jayden a full dose of Miralax nightly for 5 nights, then for a month give a half a dose nightly.  Additionally he has asked me to put him in diapers or pull ups.  I don't use disposables so I don't have pull ups.
     So its back to diapers for us.  The first day after giving him the medication he went twice at the sitters house and once at home.  The next day, today, he went twice at the sitters house.  I can't imagine that he has eaten this much so I am pretty sure the colon is full.  So far I think the doctors plan is working well.  And lucky Jayden has not taken full advantage, he will tell us and go pee in the potty even when he has to take a diaper off to do it.  Jayden says he likes to go poopoo in his room and wants to forever.  Some day i will get him potty trained and this will all be behind us, but I think right now what is most important is that he is healthy and feeling well. 

     I am hoping this not only cleans him out, but that all our friends could come to the circle time.  Has anyone else had anything similar? How long before your child was comfortable trying the potty again?  The main reason the doctor has us on the half a dose for a month is to help Jayden know that it doesn't always hurt when you poop. 


  1. i had the same problem last year with my son. shortly after i had him potty trained he decided he didn't ever want to go poo on the potty again and he would hold it making it very painful for him. we also used Miralax (half an adult dose) for three or four days (kept him in underwear though) and that solved the problem. i felt safe using miralax on him knowing that it wasn't a laxative and that it was nonaddictive and just functioned to soften his stools and make it so that he was unable to hold it in!

    my pediatrician warned me that some kids have to have the miralax for months

  2. Would putting a little potty in his room so he can go in his room possibly work when you go back to potty training again?

  3. We just went through this with our fourth child earlier this year. It's a process for sure, but we did the same thing you're doing minus going back to diapers. We did have to deal with a few accidents through that time, but once he learned it wasn't as scary as he thought, we were home free. I'm actually looking back now thinking "how did that go by so fast?". In the thick of it, I thought we would NEVER get him to go. It took us probably a month or so to get it all down smooth. So hang in there!! You've got good counsel and you're doing it all just right!

  4. I have seen this with friends potty training girls hmm. Anyway, it seems to be like separation anxiety...they feel (in their child mind) that they are losing part of themselves (their poop) when they go on the toilet then flush it. It causes them to do just what Jayden is doing...holding it in until they just baby hold it any longer, or mom giveaways them something to make them go.

    There are surely some articles on the web about dealing with poop separation anxiety in potty training toddlers, that will help you understand it. It does pass (pardon the pun) but you are doing the right thing in making sure he doesn't become ill from not going. Perhaps you can locate the articles I mentioned to find ways to help him understand that the poop is not part of him and it really wants to go down the toilet. :-)

    Hang in there, your doing the right thing and you are not alone in this.

  5. The health of the child is always more important. Hang in there - He'll eventually go on his own!
    stopping by from Twitter.