Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jennifer Gianni's Fusion Pilates DVD Review & Giveaway #pregnancy

     Many of you know that we are currently trying to conceive our second child.  Being in shape is important for trying to conceive and going into pregnancy.  The healthier you are the healthier your pregnancy is likely to be.  I was recently sent Jennifer Gianni's fusion Pilate's DVD pregnancy series.  This series includes 4 separate DVDs.

     Jennifer Gianni's Fusion Pilates for Pre & Post Natal DVD Series is a comprehensive, safe, and effective solution for your fitness needs before, during, and after pregnancy. The four DVD’s in this great series are designed to keep women fit and safe before, through all stages.
When Jennifer Gianni became pregnant with her first child, she realized how little information was available on how to stay in shape while taking every precaution to insure the safety of her baby and a healthy pregnancy.
     Jennifer quickly developed a program for herself combining elements from Pilates, yoga, dance, aerobics and other movement disciplines that were effective in keeping her body strong and healthy through the pregnancy and helped her to snap back quickly to her pre-pregnant body after birth. She addressed safety by following strict guidelines from The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and by seeking advice and consultation from her own doctor, William A. Growdon, (M.D. Chairman, OB/GYN, Santa Monica/UCLA Hospital Clinical Associate Professor, UCLA President, Los Angeles OB/GYN Society) who recommends Jennifer’s program to all of his patients. Thousands of Jennifer’s clients and DVD users credit her Fusion Pilates™ Method for an easier delivery and a quick bounce back after delivery.

     The Fusion Pilates™ for Pre & Post Natal is a unique system that combines the principles of Pilates, yoga and other disciplines to serve the expectant mother's body and mind.

     This program will help to relieve lower back strain, fatigue and constipation. It also helps to prevent varicose veins, incontinence and leg swelling. The system maintains your strength and flexibility, builds stamina for the birthing process, increases blood circulation and oxygen to your baby and is gentle enough to continue right up to your due date.

     Post-Partum women will recover abdominal strength and toning while relieving upper body tension from carrying the baby to quickly regain strength and energy.

     The first DVD is Triple Threat.  This is the DVD you would use to get into shape before getting pregnant.  This DVD features low impact cardio, pilates toning, and balance work.  These 3 different types of workout are used throughout the video.  The beginning of the video goes into detail to teach the foundations of the workout.  A 9" soft ball is recommended to use along with this video, but not required.

     The second DVD is Pilates for Pregnancy.  This is a safe workout for pregnant women.  It is a combination of yoga and Pilates.  This workout is meant to help you maintain strength and prepare for the birth.  This DVD recommends a pair of 2lb dumbbells or large soup cans, mini ball, stool or kitchen chair, and dowel or broom handle.  The workout in this DVD is challenging, but safe.

     The third DVD is Post Pregnancy & C-Section Recovery.  This video helps to get you back into your pre-pregnancy size.  This video includes hospital tips, a safe first 6 weeks exercise plan, and an effective main workout.  Recommended products to use with this DVD are 2lb dumbbells or large soup cans, stool or kitchen chair, dowel or broom handle.  This DVD also features Jennifer Gianni shortly after she has given birth.

     The forth and last DVD in the series is Exercise with Baby.  In this DVD you will be able to get into shape, involve your baby, and have fun.  This is a head to toes workout that your baby can be involved with.  This DVD helps to promote bonding with baby as you get back into shape.  The recommended product for this video is a baby carrier. 

      Here's a sample below:

     I have tried the Triple Threat and do think it is a good workout.  It was a little difficult as I have had to do it in a small space in my bedroom since the DVD is not working in the living room.  Hoping that John gets that fixed soon because I would like to try to do this more.   This series is great and easy to follow.  She is easy to watch and listen to as you follow along.  I like that she gives easy to follow instructions.  The four DVDs come stacked in the case.  This means the case is the same size as any other single DVD, but all for DVDs are included in the case.  

Buy it:  fusion pilates four DVD pregnancy Series $48.95

Win it:  One lucky Arizona Mama reader will win this great DVD Series.  

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Thank you to fusion pilates for the great DVD set to review & giveaway!

I was provided the fusion pilates DVD series mentioned above for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone.  The sponsor will be shipping the prizes.  disclosure



  1. I'd love the Fusion Pilates 4 DVD Series so I could have them ALL! =)
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  2. I would love to have the Fusion Pilates Triple Threat DVD!

  3. I found the triple threat dvd very interesting!

  4. i'd like the triple threat dvd.

  5. I learned that they offer teacher training for people wanting to learn to teach fusion pilates - that is cool!
    aigcanada7 (at) hot[mail] dot [com

  6. I would love the Foam Roller

  7. I learned that Jennifer is a Trained Doula in Labor & Post-Partum Support!

    Heather K.
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  8. I learned that the Jennifer (the instructor) has over 20 years of experience in the mind/body field!

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  9. I would love the magic circle. I also found out that she is a doula

  10. I learned that this dvd can be used pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy!
    i def need this! im 26 wks preggers! :)

  11. My favorite part of this set is definitely the Post Pregnancy/C-Section Recovery DVD. I wish I had had this after my daughter was born! Also, since I'm currently preggo, I need this!


  12. learned: Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in the mind/body field.
    deannalw47 AT hotmail DOT com