Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden

     OK, so I have thought about this for some time now and want to try it.  Jayden is always saying some of the funniest things.  He also has some really thought provoking things to say and surprises me daily.  I wanted a way to document the things he says and does.  So I am going to try and write Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden.  The posts may be short or they may be long.  I will post new things as well as old things that I have not shared before.  I hope this is as fun and interesting to you as it is for me.  I know everyone says they have the smartest child, but I know my little Jayden is a super smarty! 

     So I will start with just 2 days ago while we were on the road driving home from picking Jayden up at Nana's house after work.  I am just driving and Jayden is hanging out in the back seat when he says, "Mama, How do police officers do their job?"  Now he said those exact words!!  And he was serious he really just wanted to know.  I first looked around for the police car, but saw none.  So then I had to go into the details of a police officers job.  I feel like if he asks such a thought provoking question then he deserves a very thoughtful answer, not just "keep people safe."  So I went into some details about the different jobs police officers have like making sure you follow rules while you drive and giving tickets to people that break the rules.  Some police officers keep people safe and help them when they need it.  And some police officers put people in jail when they hurt other people and do bad things.  He responded with an, "Oh!" And he seemed to really think about what I said although he didn't say anything else. 

     Along the same lines about a month or so ago we were also driving home and when Jayden saw a police car on the freeway in front of us he asked me, "Mama, how do police cars work?"  Again, exact words and with real want to know.  So of course I had to go into detail about how its like a regular car, but it has a siren, a computer, and lights.  I told him why and all that stuff.  I honestly don't remember exactly what I said, but it was along those lines. 

     Jayden is a real thinker and I love it, but he catches me off guard and I have to think fast. 


  1. What a smarty pants cutie pie!! =) Love this idea, looking forward to more!

  2. So sweet. I love it. Kids have some great questions sometimes! People don't give kids enough credit sometimes! :) I look forward to reading more!

  3. Hey, I like this idea of "Thursday's Thoughts With..." - I might try this same idea!

    You have a smart one there, don't you?!?

  4. What a cool idea. I am excited to read it every week and see what Jayden has to say. When my little one gets bigger I may steal the idea :)