Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursdays' Thoughts with Jayden

Here are a few random things this week...

     On Monday, at 7:30AM I dropped Jayden off at the sitters place.  She called him to the back door to show him the bird nest that was in the tree (her son in law was trimming the limbs).  After I left they had a conversation.
Jayden: Nana is it going to hatch
Nana: Well the mama bird has to sit on it and keep it warm firsst.
Jayden: Then it will hatch
Nana: Yes after the mama bird sits on it and gets it warm then eggs hatch
Jayden: Oh!

Move ahead to 4PM when I get there to pick him up.  Jayden takes my hand and says,
Jayden: Come on mama, look!
Me: What is it?
Jayden: Its a bird nest and the egg is gonna hatch, but first the mama bird has to sit on it to make it warm.  Then it will hatch.

Sometimes I am amazed with the knowledge he retains so quickly.

     So yesterday as we walk out of the sitters house and into the car Jayden says,
Jayden: Guess what mama?
Me:  What?
Jayden:  I'm gonna be a cop.
Me:  you are?
Jayden: Yes and I gonna give you a ticket
Me:  a ticket? why?
Jayden: because I have to give you a ticket and then I will put you in jail.
Me: but I didn't do anything bad and they only put bad people in jail
Jayden: but that's my job and I gonna put you in jail.
Me: that's sad I don't want to go to jail
Jayden: but I have to mama

So if Jayden does become a police officer I better watch out because he will put his own mama in jail. 

     Today I had mentioned that we are going to a wedding this weekend.
Jayden: Are we going to the wedding
Me: yes in a couple days we are going
Jayden: but I want to go now
Me: but its not happening now
Jayden: Are we going to the wedding or are we going home?
Me: we are going home
Jayden: but I want to go to the wedding!
Me: well, we can't go because its not today.  we will go on Saturday
Jayden: Well, I want to go NOW!
Me: Sorry we can't
Jayden: Ugggg (as he kicks the back of my seat)
Me:  Hey don't kick my chair
Jayden: but I mad, I want to go to the wedding!!
Me:  I'm sorry, but we can't go if the wedding is not happening and no one is there.
Jayden: *loud sigh* I don't want to go to the wedding!
Me: ok, well that is good because its not today.

Guess he really wants to attend a wedding..LOL!  I could not believe he wanted to go so bad.  And usually when he doesn't get what he wants right away then he says no he doesn't want it, even though I know he does. 

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