Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden

     So a few thoughts that Jayden has shared with me this week are:

John and Jayden were playing with the football in the living room (yes in the house).  Jayden threw the ball behind the chair.  I reached back and got it out for him, I tossed it his way, but over his head.  Jayden immediately picked up the ball and threw it back behind the chair as he tells me, "No, I don't like that mama.  Do it again and hand it to me nicely!"  Someone is listening to things I say!

While driving into work Jayden just says, (he does lots of his thinking while in the car)
J: I wish I could talk to bee's.
Me: You want to talk to bee's?
J: yes
Me: what would you say to a bee?
J: I don't know, just talk.

While at home giving Bubba (the dog) treats he says,
J: I wish I was a dog
Me: you wish you were a dog? why?
J: then I can eat bones too
Me: bones are yucky why do you want to eat them?
J: no they are not. When I was a dog I did eat them all the time and they were good.
Ummm what my child was a dog?!?!

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