Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

  BOX4BLOX: Jacobsen Family          

Custom Knits for Baby:  Arizona Mama

Green Toys:  Jacobsen Family         

                 GyroBowl: Arizona Mama

     Laser Stunt Chaser:  Arizona Mama                   
                           Laser Stunt Chaser:    Jacobsen Family                           

         K'NEX building sets:  Jacobsen Family

    OCDaisy: Jacobsen Family               Bug exploring toys:
                                                                 Arizona Mama

                                                  The Story of Christmas bookJacobsen Family


        Sandbox: Arizona Mama 

Tarantula Planet Scurry and Scare Bugs: Arizona Mama
Star Wars Lightsaber Room Light: Jacobsen Family

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