Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Head to Head Challenge with The Complete Idiots Guide to The Bible Vs. The Bible for Dummies

     Here is another comparison of two popular book series that I have the opportunity to do.  Both books try to put the Bible in easy to understand terms.  Both books are full of great information. And both books are meant to be supplements to be used with the Bible not to replace the Bible. 

     This time I will start with The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Bible.  This book is written by James Stuart Bell and Stan Campbell.  This book will point you to significant passages, stories, and people.  The goal of the book is to help readers clearly see what the Bible says.

The parts include:
  1. Before you Begin
  2. The Old Testament
  3. The New Testament
  4. Some Disputed Writing
  5. Is That All There Is?
     Some of the stories and people included are that of Adam and Eve, Moses, The Miracle of Jesus, Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection and much more.  In the last chapter of the book you will learn to make the most of your Bible-reading time.  This book also includes some extras as you read along.  Throughout the book you will see some boxes with little pictures and information in them.  These help to clarify things even more or point out something important.  These are labeled as Potent Quotables ~ familiar biblical quotes or especially significant passages, What Sayest Thou? ~ answers to frequently asked questions, Snapshots ~ refers to fascinating stories or passages that you can delve into on your own, and Manna from Heaven ~ further explanation of who, what, or where something or someone is.  The Appendix includes a list of people in the bible with a brief description of who they are.

      Next we explore The Bible for Dummies.  This book is written by Jeffery Geoghegan, PhD and Michael Homan, PhD.  This book gives a quick overview of what's in the Bible, answers to many questions, easy to use maps, charts, and pictures, simple summaries, fascinating historical and cultural insights, clear explanations of how the Bible's traditions have given rise to three of the wold's major religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, plus informative commentaries on the Bibles influences.

      The parts of this book includes:
  1. What The Bible Is All About
  2. Exploring the Hebrew Bible ~ The Old Testament
  3. Revealing the Bible's Hidden Treasures in the Apocrypha 
  4. Discovering What's New About the New Testament
  5. That Was Then, This Is Now: Discovering the Bible's Enduring Influence
  6. The Part of Tens
     The Bible for Dummies is your one-stop reference for understanding the Bible and its continuing impact on the political, religious, and artistic landscapes of our world.  This book also covers many of major passages, stories and people from the Bible.  This book also has its own set of icons.  The icons include Remember ~ notes things worth remembering, Warning ~ passage or idea that has been commonly misinterpreted, something to ponder ~ Questions or Concepts worth thinking about, Discovery~ great discovery, Bible Trivia ~ good trivia to wow your friends, and Jargon Alert ~ explains the jargon.  In the last part of the book it discusses 10 People you want to know and a paragraph about each one.  It also includes 10 holidays you have with thanks to the Bible. 

     Both books have so much great information it really is hard to decide which is better.  I really like the little icons that point out things.  When I just want to skim a book I like to read these for just a little information.  Both books refer back to the bible with actual passages.  Both books have a brief summary of the people in the bible, but The Idiot's Guide to the Bible has more people and short and sweet descriptions making it easier to read.  Just flipping through the books The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Bible seems easier to read.  I like the way the icons pull the information out and puts them in a box to highlight them.  In The Bible for Dummies the icons are set next to the paragraphs to draw you to that paragraph.  I think pulling the information out and putting it in a box draws me to read it more.  So I have to say again I like The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Bible over The Bible for Dummies.  But both books are great references to the bible. 

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I was provided both copies of the books for review purposes.  I was not compensated for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I know quite a few people who could benefit from these books. However, I'm betting my Nuderma would love to read them just to read and analyze the information in the books. Thanks for a good review!

  2. I think the Bible is fascinating and enjoyable to read. I think I'd enjoy these books too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think these would be a good companion piece for bible study. Thank you for comparing them and doing this review! =)

    Thanks! =)