Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden

Yesterday I forgot my work cell phone on my desk.  I realized it as I was picking Jayden up from his Nana's house.  So since it wasn't far I just stopped back by and picked it up.  Of course everyone in the office love Jayden and want to talk to him.  My office is on the 4th floor, but decided to stop off on the 2nd floor to see a good friend of mine, Leslie (she was my first lead teacher many years back when I first started teaching).  She hasn't seen Jayden in a while so we stopped to say hi.  He had a funny conversation with her.

Leslie: Hi Jayden, How are you?
Jayden: I'm good
Leslie:  I haven't seen you for a while, when are you going to come visit me again? (she has twin grand sons that are only 6 months older than Jayden) 
Jayden: ummm in 2 hours.
Leslie: lol

Leslie and I talked a couple minutes.  Then she turned to him again. 

Leslie:  Are you going home now?
Jayden: yup
Leslie: Is your daddy going to be there?
Jayden: no, he's at work.
Leslie: Can I go home too?
Jayden: ummm        Maybe  you should just stay here!
Leslie: LOL!

That little boy just tells it as it is!

Driving to work this morning Jayden sees the big buildings. 
Jayden:  Wow! Mommy look a big castle. Look you live there mommy cause your a princess!
Me:  I'm a princess
Jayden: Yes and you live in a big castle
Me: are  you my prince
Jayden: Yes mama I a prince, but your a princess

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