Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden

So I am going blank on this.  I know that Jayden had lots to say, but I am forgetting so much.  I am going to have to carry a little notebook with me to write things down.  I remember a couple, but by far not as many as happened this week. 

Saturday was my nieces second birthday party and I also had a class that day.  So I just met John and Jayden at my brother in laws house for the party.  I talked to Jayden on the phone before we went there.  I asked him if he was going to give Ava and Kayla a hug when we get there for their birthday.  He told me, "Not Ava, just Kayla."
Me:  "why not Ava?"
Jayden: "I no know.  I just want to give Kayla hugs, not Ava."

He did give them both hugs.. well they hugged him and he stood there with his arms up not sure what to do.  He is not used to little girls hanging on him.  They didn't care they just grabbed right on to him and hugged away.  I of course did not have my camera out so no pictures.

When my brother was over looking at our broken AC Jayden tells me.
Jayden: Sometimes I get scared.
Me: sometimes you get scared? of what?
Jayden: Uncle Scott, sometimes I get scared of him.
Me: Why?  there is nothing to be scared of, its just Uncle Scott.
Jayden: I don't know, just sometimes I do.
Jayden (to John in the other room): Sometimes I get scared of Uncle Scott.
John: Why?
Jayden: I just sometimes get scared of him.
Jayden (to my brother): Sometimes I get scared of you
Scott: Why are you scared of me?
Jayden: I don't know I just get scared of you sometimes.

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  1. Sometimes I get scared of certain people for no particular reason. At least Jayden is able to voice that thought so that you all are aware of it. We grown ups don't share these things, but maybe we should, lol.

    I enjoy reading this particular post...I love how childrens minds and way of thinking is so different from ours. Kind of reminds me that we all should get in touch with our inner child more often :-)