Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden

Here are some more fun comments or discussions with Jayden this week.

At Boo at the Zoo in the petting zoo area Jayden looks at the goat and says loudly, "Sometimes I love goats."

During bath:
Me: tomorrow you get to go to Nana's house
Jayden: no I want to stay home
Me: you can't stay home, mommy has to go to work.  Your not old enough to stay home by yourself.
If the police find out they will get really mad and probably put mommy in jail.
Jayden: I want you to go to jail.
Me: If I go to jail then maybe DADDY WILL HAVE TO ALSO.
Jayden: that's ok you go to jail
Me: daddy will go too
Jayden: No just you go to jail mama.

Jayden asks while driving
Jayden: Do cars feel sad?
Me: Do cars feel sad.?/
Jayden: yea do they feel sad?
Me: what do you think?
Jayden: ummmmm I think they do.
Me: why do you think tbat?  Have you ever seen a car crying?
Jayden: yes
Me: what car was crying?
Jayden: this car was, it was crying because it was sad
Me: oh no
Jayden: yea but its better now

When Jayden plays with his new little kitty he holds her and says, "Don't worry kitty I will keep you safe"


  1. LOL! "Sometimes I love goats" LOL!!!
    Too cute about the kitty! What's her name?

  2. Haha , maybe he thinks cars can feel sad because of the Cars movies? Too funny!

  3. How cute... sometimes my car cries!