Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide Hasbro Toys FurReal Friends and Littlest Pet Shop Review

     Hasbro is a name that just about every parent knows.  Hasbro makes many great toys.  I was recently sent a box from Hasbro with a couple of toys that would make good gifts.  I was sent the FurReal Friends Newborn Chipmunk and the Littlest pet Shop Hamster Playground. 

     Newborns need lots of love and attention and this newborn chipmunk figure is no different! Cuddle up close with this fuzzy little fellow and "feed" him from his dish accessory - he'll "chew" everything you give him! Then, it's back to playtime and lots of snuggling. How will you know? He'll make sounds when you pet his back. This little one just can't get enough of spending time with you! 

     The Newborn Chipmunk is a fun interactive toy.  Jayden liked to push the button and see what he will say.  Jayden would put the food dish down and push the button. The chipmunk will lean forward to eat.  This is a fun toy for boys or girls.  There are some newborn FurReal friends that have bottles to eat out of too. 

     The second item I was sent was the Littlest Pet Shop Hamster PlaygroundPlaytime is action-packed for your two super cute pets with this HAMSTER PLAYGROUND playset! Remove the hamster ball and set your hamster pet inside to send him rolling. Then, put your mouse pet on the wheel and make him spin for “exercise”! Both of your little pals are happy as can be to sit in the spinning perch and love it when you drop “treats” to them through the feeding area. After such a busy day, what’s left to do? Take a little “nap”, of course! “Tuck in” your two little friends in the sleeping area and wish them sweet dreams — until it’s time to play again!
      This set includes two pets and you can use any littlest pet shop pets you already have to interact with this toy.  My niece loves littlest pet shop and I know she will love this toy.  This is a great gift that can easily be added to by getting more pets or other interactive activity playsets.

     Hasbro has always been a leader in fun toys and this year they have many great toys to add to your shopping list. 

Buy it:  FurReal Friends Newborns $14.99
             Littlest Pet Shop Hamster Playground $19.99

Thank you to Hasbro for providing the FurReal Friends Newborn Chipmunk and the Littlest Pet Shop Hamster Playground for review. 

I was provided the above mentioned item for review purpose.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone.  disclosure


  1. The furReal friend would totally be a hit in my house. My son totally names his toys, and loves animals! A little chipmunk would be the perfect addition to our household. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That little chipmunk is so stinkin cute! I love squirrels and this is close enough, hehe.

  3. I loved Littlest Pet Shop toys when I was a kid! I'm excited that they're still around, and I wish my kids were old enough to be into them. Too cute!

  4. Haha.. Cute. They never run out of innovative ideas for toys do they?

    Being a guy, I'd imagine the Chipmunk would be much more awesome if it was a ninja Chipmunk though. But that's guys for you :)

  5. I saw these at Christmas time. They are so cute. I bet my grandchildren would like one. Thank you for the review.

  6. Now this is a pet my son can deal with. I think I have just found the solution to the grandchildren wanting a real animal and the pet my son can deal with.