Friday, November 11, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide Just Kids Gifts Personalized Books Review

     I think that every kid loves their name and things that have their name on it.  I know Jayden does.  Even as a small baby Jayden would really excited to hear his name.  He was able to recognize his name pretty early because we had it on his wall above his changing table and he loved looking at it.  A gift with something so personal as a child's name is special.  I was given the opportunity to review a book from Just Kids Gifts
     Just Kids Gifts has a large selection of Personalized books, CD's, DVD's, and more.  They have different kids of musical CD's including Disney Princess, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, and more you can have personalized with your child's name.  You can also get a personalized DVD with your own photos.  The will actually put your child's picture on the main character so they can be the star.  You child can be Spiderman, Snow White, or any of the many characters they have available. 

     The personalized products I like best are the books.  Just Kids Gifts has over 40 unique personalized books to choose from.  They have an array of different book types, adventure, baby, birthday, books for boys, books for girls, educational, holiday, sports, religion, and even Spanish language books.  When looking at all the books you can preview the books and read the entire book before purchase.  I love this option.  Often you just get a recap or a couple pages, but at Just Kids Gifts you can read the whole story to be sure your child likes it.  

     For the review we were sent the book A Train With No Name.  I started out by picking what I wanted in the dedication.  Then I gave Jayden's name, age, the city we live in, and names of his friend and cousin (you can pick up to 3 friends names). 

     After the book arrived and I opened it up.  I was happy to see a nice hard cover book.  The colors are vibrant.  The first page had the dedication that we were able to personalize from mommy and daddy and the date. The very first page of the story has Jayden's name, the city we live in and both his friend and cousins name.  As the story goes on it has Jayden's name on just about every page of the book and the city we live in a few times.  When we read the book Jayden loved hearing his name in the story.  He even said, "that's a great book mommy."  I was a little disappointed that Aidan and Tanners names were only mentioned on the first page and not again.  The book refers to Jayden's friends after the first page.  Jayden loves his best friend and cousin and would have loved to hear their name mentioned at least once or twice more in the book.  The book is well made and will last for years I'm sure.  This will be a nice keepsake for Jayden. 

  Just Kids Gifts is parent owned company with an 18 month old of their own.  They know as parents what kids like.  Just kids Gifts has something for all children from newborn to 12 years old.  Personalized items are great way to give your child a special keepsake that will last for years.

Buy itA Train With No Name Personalized Book $16.95

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Thank you to Just Kids Gifts for sponsoring this review. 

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