Friday, November 18, 2011

Are You a Team Parent? Little Athletes, Big Leaders Book Review

    Does your child play sports?  Are you active in that team?  I think a child playing sports can be great if the intention is coming from the right place and its more about having fun and learning new skills.  I was recently sent the book Little Athletes, Big Leaders by Bruce Beaton for review.

     You can teach your child to succeed in every venture they ever attempt, and ensure they maximize their athletic potential, and create and maintain a long term loving relationship with your child, and have an absolute blast during your sport parenting years. Break free from the belief that youth sport is about either "winning" or "fairness".  the truth is, the youth sport experience is really about teaching "mastery," it's about individual and collective goal setting, it's about developing interpersonal skills(which are the #1 predictor of leadership effectiveness).  It's about learning from mentors, it's about controlling what you can and letting the rest go, and it's about action and not action once in a while.. it's about action every day.

     In the book Beaton is helping parents as well as children and teaching them to play smart. “Children generally model what they see, and react less effectively to what they hear, especially when the two contradict,” Beaton wrote. Why not set a goal to teach children by example, and then use your voice to question, guide, and connect?”

      In his book, with its in-depth, no-holds-barred honest approach, Beaton gives parents a wake up call. This is the absolute go-to guide for parents who want to raise kids to be leaders, thinkers and doers in youth sport and in every other endeavor they pursue.

     Beaton warns parents not to be negative with their sports parenting. “Our positive talk will become their positive self-talk, and we will create a positive, enthusiastic athlete who loves the entire learning experience,” Beaton writes. “We must comment on their hard work, comment on some tiny improvement we notice and tell them they look great out there, they look like a great teammate and a winner.”

     Purposeful daily work is the key to forging strong character, which is the foundational piece to becoming a great athlete, a great person, a great leader, a great contributor, and a great success.

     “You can teach them that focusing on a proven, effective approach, rather than dwelling on short term results, is the key to both peak performance and long term success. The expectation is simply for them to do their best every day in order to be the best they are capable of being.”

     Jayden was in a soccer class, but it was more about skills and fun then team and competition.  It was when he was not even 2.  He has asked about going back, because he really did like it.  We are hoping to get him back in it or something similar soon.  Money has just been a little tight and youth sports at his age costs quite a bit.   But with that said I know that John is excited to get Jayden involved in sports as he gets older. Jayden is also excited himself.  He loves just about every sport.  When Jayden does join sports I plan to be involved and hopefully limit or eliminate the negativity that can be in youth sports.  I think this book will help me to support Jayden in his sports life to become a strong leader.  This book is good for any parent that has children playing or thinking about playing sports. 

Buy it: Little Athletes, Big Leaders $14.99

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  1. i wish I'd had this when my son was involved in sports! Thanks for the review.

  2. This looks an interesting read, and so important. My kids aren't old enough for team sports yet, but we plan on having them participate in soccer or other sports as they get older and this book might be good to have.

  3. My kids hated team sports when they were young.

  4. I played sports when I was younger and would love to have this for my daughter to teach her about being a team player.