Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Glendale Tree Lighting Event

     Last night we went up to Westgate.  Westgate is an outdoor center with resturants and stores around the hockey stadium here in Glendale, and its down the street from my house.  Anyway, they had a little event that we attended. 

     It began with an ice dancing routine from a few ice dancers and costume clad skaters.  Its hard to tell from the pictures, but there was a snow bear, penguin, and a snowman.  The skated around on this thin fake ice (yes we need fake in AZ) mat.  It was fun, but kind of weird.  They danced to Madonna's Vogue and a Lady Gaga song... not Christmas music, LOL! 

      While the skaters were dancing Howler the Coyote's (our hockey team) mascot was walking around shaking hands and giving high fives.  Jayden was so very interested in him.  He wanted to keep going with him, the ice dancing was not so interesting for him.  He even gave Howler a hug. 

     Then we took to boys to see the big tree in the middle of the center.  In the summer its a splash pad.  We took a few pictures and then let them just run and be boys as we waited. 

     When it was time a DJ from a local radio station announce it was time to light the big tree.  So Howler and a chosen child flipped the switch to light the tree.  Jayden and Aidan looked for a minute and went back to running. 

It was a small and short event, but fun to be involved in something local. 


  1. It might be a small event but I bet the will remember it. We are going to a tree lighting this weekend. None of us have ever been to one it'll be a first for all of us.

  2. I've never been to one in-person before. I bet it was beautiful.