Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Growing Tree Toys Playmobil Robbers Amphibious Vehicle Play Set Review

      Growing Tree Toys is a family owned educational toy company.  They have been in a brick and mortar store for more than 30 years in State College, PA.  GrowingTreeToys.com opened after a successful 25 years of selling toys in their own town.  I was recently sent the Playmobil Robbers Amphibious Vehicle Play Set from Growing Tree Toys.
     The Playmobil Robber's Amphibious Vehicle Play Set is making an escape from Bank Central with piles of play money! Kids will have a blast with this land-to-sea Playmobil Amphibious Vehicle Play Set as they outmaneuver the cops and make it home in time for dinner. The Playmobil Amphibious Vehicle Play Set includes the water and land vehicle that actually floats, a robber figure, crowbar, shotgun, 2 cases stolen from "Bank Central" and Euro-style play money so kids can make a suave getaway by land or sea every time! Compatible with the Playmobil Underwater Motor, sold separately.


  • Includes the water and land vehicle that actually floats, robber figure, crowbar, shotgun, 2 cases stolen from “bank central” and play money
  • Compatible with the Playmobil Underwater Motor (sold separately)
     Playmobil is a standard name in children's toys.  When I received this toy Jayden and I opened it up together.  There is some Assembly required.  We took out all the pieces and put it together.  I was careful to take out the shotgun.  I really didn't want Jayden to play with a gun.  Upon receiving this toy I realized that I must have not completely understood what it was.   My problem with the toy is the concept of it.  I don't know why we want to teach children about stealing and using guns.  I know that children have played cops and robbers for years, but that was all dramatic play with no real props.  Aside from the concept around the toy there are some things we enjoyed.  Jayden enjoyed driving it around the house.  But Jayden's favorite part is the 2 cases of money.  He loves to open and close the cases.  He takes the money out and puts it back in.  I never really told Jayden the concept of the toy.  He knows that they are suitcases of money.  He did ask me what the crowbar is.  I regretted not taking that out too.  But I explained its a tool that maybe the driver needs to fix his car.

     Growing Green Toys has so many great educational toys and games.  I love just browsing the store.  I could build a very long shopping list at their store.  I am not a huge fan of this particular toy.  Take out some of the accessories and the car itself is great.  It is well built and is fun to play with. 

Buy it:  Playmobil Robbers Amphibious Vehicle Play Set $21.95

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    1. I LOVE Playmobil! We played with it so much when we were little. When my girls are a little older, I really want to get them some. :-)

    2. man, my son would love that!! I know a little cousin who would love that for Christmas!


    3. This looks awesome! Logan saw this post and saw the pics and said, "That looks so cool!" =)

    4. I remember Playmobil from when I was younger! Can't wait til the girls get a little older and can play with them together :)

    5. I love Playmobil! I had hundreds when I was little, and am so glad to see they are aiming at boys now too!

    6. this is so awesome, my boys love playmobil (I do too :)

    7. my nephew loves Playmobil. It gives him hours of entertainment!

    8. My niece just bought this for her son for Christmas. He loves it. He has played with the Playmobil Robbers Amphibious Vehicle at his friend's house and really wants one. She bought it not only because he wants it but she has confidence in the quality of the Playmobil toys and is certain that it will not break quickly like some other toys.

    9. What a great car! My son would LOVE this. Thanks for the review.