Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Lazer Stunt Chaser Review

     I don't know a little boy or big boy for that matter that doesn't love cars and especially cars that are remote control.  We were send the Lazer Stunt chaser to review.  Jayden was immediately excited when he saw it and couldn't wait to try it out.  We made sure it was charged up and I gave the laser to Jayden to try.  It was super easy and he was immediately able to get it going and fast too. 

     The Lazer Stunt chaser is a remote control car like no other.  To control the car you project light from the remote control and watch the Lazer Stunt Chaser race after it at over 300 mph (scale
speed). Adjust speed with trigger or hit the Turbo button for maximum power! Button control also available for tight turns. Dual-sided design with light-up wheels that change color when car flips over. Race the Chasers onto the stunt ramp and they’ll flip over and keep going! 1:32 scale; up to 40’ control range.

      All  you have to do is point the laser and pull the trigger, the car chases after the light.  Even when the light is pointed behind the car it races to turn around and chase the light.  This toy has already seen hours of play at our house.  Jayden loves racing it around the kitchen and entry way.  When John came home the first night he immediately wanted to join in the play.  Jayden tells me, "Mom this is a cool toy."  And John thought it was pretty cool too.  Check out Jayden using the Lazer Stunt Chaser below.

      The Set includes: Lazer Stunt Chaser car with built-in rechargeable battery, wireless infrared remote control, stunt ramp, battery charger and instruction guide.  The car doesn't take long to charge.  Jayden has not completely figured out all the options.  He can't quite control it to go up the ramp although he has done it by accident a couple times.  The car itself is rechargeable, but the charger takes batteries.  The laser takes batteries also. This is the toy we are thinking about getting for my nephew for Christmas.  I just know he will love it too.  This is a great toy for the holidays!

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Thank you to Thinkway Toys for providing the Lazer Stunt Chaser for review.  We think this is a great gift for this holiday season. 

I was provided the Lazer Stunt Chaser for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  disclosure


  1. Isn't he cute?! These are so cool, aren't they? We love it!

  2. how do u charge one of these????????????????

  3. I just got my son one for Christmas. We already can't find the direction. I can't get it to charge. I have 6 new batteries in the charger and had it plugged in all night. The car is still dead. When I turn the charger on the red light stays on for a minute and then turns off. What am I doing wrong? Please help me and my son!

  4. Oh this is so cute. I am getting this for my nephew for his birthday.

  5. ¿Are you using rechargable batteries? Try it using alcaline ones.

  6. omg ..have the same prob...plug in red light on a sec then off and the car is not charged/ just changed the atteries of te charger and same thing.

  7. OMG I hate this toy! It broke after using it 2 times and the company will not fix or replace it, I was told, "return it to the retailer you purchased it from."