Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monday G+ Mingle Hosted by The Mommy Times

The Mommy Times

My friend Karen at The Mommy Times is hosting a new weekly hop. 
Google is changing things up a bit and will be discontinuing Google Friend Connect BUT there is a new way to share: Google +!
You can add people to your circle and follow in an all new way, building new relationships and salvaging old ones!
From what I am told GFC will end at the end of the year. With social media constantly evolving I am sure this is just one of the new changes in motion.
I personally don't know much about Google+.. it seems a little like facebook.  I am still learning.  Come join the hop and make new friends!!


  1. I, too, keep reading that GFC will be ending so I started an account on google +. I guess it's the new way of social media?

  2. Thanks, I need to get the hang of Google+. I haven't quite figured it out yet.