Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden

It's Thursday again and time for some fun with Jayden....

So the other day we are driving and Jayden randomly says...
Jayden: I love my daddy he's great
Me: your daddy is great
Jayden: yeah and he teaches me lots of things
Me: he teaches you lots of things?
Jayden: yes like soccer and baseball and tennis and hockey and basketball and football.  that's lots of things that he teaches me.
Me: that is a lot of things
Jayden: yeah I love him, he teaches me

Jayden was waking up (just before 6 am, yes he is a daily early riser) on Sunday morning.  He calls me over the monitor. 
Jayden: Mama! Mama!
Me: (I think it must be Monday and I am gonna be late for work so I run into his room.) What is it Jayden?
Jayden: Can you be a robot?
Me: What?
Jayden: Can you be a robot?
I was like.. what its 6 am on a Sunday and you want me to be a robot!!!  LOL!

Driving home from work as we enter into the tunnel on the freeway.
Jayden: What is this, A tunnel?
Me: yes it is a tunnel
Jayden: wow this is a nice tunnel, what is it for?
me: for people to drive through
Jayden: Oh people drive in the tunnel?
Me: yes people drive in the tunnel
Jayden: well, what are those doors for?
Me: ummmmm I don't know Maybe they are for the people that work on the tunnel
Jayden: oh people work on the tunnel?
Me: yes sometimes they do
Jayden: can I knock on the doors?
Me: no its not safe to get out of the car in the tunnel.  There are too many cars driving here.
Jayden: oh its not safe, that's not good.

At Walmart they day before Halloween we are standing in line to check out.  Jayden starts to talk to the lady behind us in line.  
Jayden: you have a pumpkin
lady: yes I do, do you have one
Jayden: yes I have a pumpkin.  we are gonna carve it and make a face
lady: wow
Jayden: I'm gonna go trick or treat
lady: your going trick or treating
Jayden: yup
lady: what is your costume?
Jayden: I have a race car driver costume
lady: a race car driver, wow
Jayden: yea its nice. You want to come to my house? you can come and trick or treat
lady: I can come to your house?
Jayden: yes want to come?
lady: that's so nice of you to invite me
Jayden: yes

(they had more conversation but I don't remember all of it.  He also invited the Walmart cashier to our house too)

Driving home yesterday Jayden is quiet then he just says, "mommy, you look pretty cute!"

Now there were many more cute fun conversations this week, but I can't remember them all.  I need to get better at writing these as I hear them or keeping notes.


  1. Aw, I love that he said you look cute!! What a sweetie (and very cute himself)! ;)

  2. That's too funny he wanted you to be a robot at 6 AM! Oh, kids! ;)

  3. HA!! I miss those days with mine :(

  4. I can't get my teenagers to have these kinds of conversations. Adorable! Gloria