Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden

Ok, so last week I didn't post.  The holiday gift guide is keeping me busy.  I hope your entering all the great giveaways.  And there are more to come. So I didn't post last week and this week will be short.. I know we have had lots of conversations, but I just can't remember them all.

I was telling Jayden that I was going to go out with my friend Chantel for her birthday that evening.
Jayden: why?
Me: because its her birthday
Jayden: I want to go to a birthday party
Me: its not a party, we are just going to a place
Jayden: what place?
Me: its called Shout House
Jayden: Whats Shout House?
Me: its a place that adults go to talk and listen to music
Jayden: I want to go
Me: its only for adults
Jayden: why?
Me: that's the rule, just for adults
Jayden: But I've always wanted to go there!
Me: sorry
Jayden: next time?
Me: maybe you can go another time

Chantel showed up a little while later and Jayden ran to the door.
Jayden: Are you going to the tea party with my mom?
Chantel: um, tea party? yeah
Jayden: Ok, have a fun birthday at the tea party.
I have no idea where he got tea party out of our conversation, lol

I went to drop off a camera to my co-worker at a school and Jayden went with me.
Jayden: What is this place?
Me: its a school and we are just going to give my friend the camera and then go home
Jayden: can I give it to her?
Me: yes
Jayden: there is a school in there?
Me: yes
Jayden: Wow, this is going to be exciting!

Jayden was in time out for hurting the kitten
Me: go to the corner
Jayden: but I love you
Me: I love you to, please go to the corner
Jayden: but I want to hold you
Me: I am not ready to hold you right now
Jayden: but I want to give you love
Me: you can give me love when your done
Jayden: don't you want to listen to my words?
Me: yes I do in a minute
Jayden: I am ready to listen to your words mommy
Me: I'm not ready yet
Jayden: I want to tell you my words
after another minute I went to talk to him.
Me: what happened?
Jayden: I don't know
Me: why are you sitting here?
Jayden: because I hurt the kitten
Me: how do you think the kitten feels when you hurt her?
Jayden: I don't know.. sad
Me: yea it makes her sad when you hurt her
Jayden: Oh, sorry
Me: I need to you be gentle with the kitten
Jayden: Ok
Me: thank you
Jayden: your welcome mommy

He can be so sweet and i love when he asks if I can listen to his words or he wants to hear my words.  Now if only he really can leave the cat alone.  Unfortunately he hurts her daily with squeeze hugs, squishing her, or stepping on her. 

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