Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide Children's Music Kirtan Kids & Goodnight, Baby Review

      I have shared before that Jayden loves music.  When he was in the womb I would play music for him on my cell phone and he loved it.  He would move around or calm down based on the music.  When he was an infant he would try to move to music all the time.  As he has grown he has not lost his love of music.  He likes anything he can move to.  I was recently sent a couple of CD's from Sounds True to review.  They are Kirtan Kids The Elephant, The Monkey, and the Little Butter Thief and Goodnight Baby.

     Kirtan Kids The Elephant, The Monkey, and the Little Butter Thief: For Children and Their Parents, Call-and-Response Chant and Storytelling to Celebrate Life.  Kirtan is an ancient practice of call-and-response singing that creates spiritual connection and compassionate community.  And to top it all off, it's fun!  with Kirtan Kids, Grammy nominee Jai Uttal presents the first record of its kind created for families to sing, laugh, dance, and celebrate life together.  Featuring five choirs of children of various ages, Kirtan kids will delight listeners with nine chants in both Sanskrit and English and "Poppa Jai's" playful stories.  Here is an invitation "to sing with our little ones, to take turns leading, and to keep our hearts and minds ever more open to the mysteries, the miracles, and the infinite love that always surrounds us."

     We played this CD in the car while driving daily.  Jayden said, "mama I like this music."  He wasn't doing the call back, but he was moving along to the music.  The music was fun and even enjoyable for me.

     The second CD is Goodnight, Baby.   For every parent who has struggled through nights and days when their baby couldn’t get to sleep, take heart! Psychoacoustic science comes to the rescue with an extraordinary album of research-based sound and music designed specifically to soothe your restless infant. On Goodnight, Baby, sound researcher Joshua Leeds presents three classical compositions from Schumann, Corelli, and Brahms, rearranged using clinically demonstrated techniques to enhance the deeply calming effect of each piece. These gentle themes and variations are infused with womb sounds recorded by Fred Schwartz, MD—shown in hospital studies to relax babies and enhance their neural development.

Every parent needs a couple soft soothing CD's to help baby sleep better.  I even like to have soft soothing music for baby in the womb.  This CD only has 3 songs on it, but they are between 10 and 32 minutes.  I like that the songs are longer so there is little change in tempo while baby is sleeping.  Sometimes the slightest things can wake a baby. 

Buy it:   Kirtan Kids The Elephant, The Monkey, and the Little
              Butter Thief $11.38
              Goodnight, Baby $10.71

Thank you to Sound True for sponsoring this review. 
I was provided the above mentioned CD's for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not


  1. That sounds so wonderful! I need to get Bryce one!

  2. The Kirtan Kids CD sounds like a lot of fun and something my daughter would enjoy.

  3. My kids love music too, and I'm sure they'd love the Kirtan Kids CD. I would love to hear the Goodnight Baby CD myself! =)

  4. Hi,

    Very nice ideas. Music is really that even children can enjoy.Thanks for your ideas and keep sharing.

  5. These would make great baby shower gifts. Thanks for the review :)

  6. Wow, I really like that the songs are so long. That's exactly what my 3 year old needs (yes, my 3 year old), because he can't fall asleep without music playing.

  7. This is what I need for a baby shower I am going to. She loves music and wants it a part of the baby's life. The song choices are great. I think I have found the gift I need.

  8. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.keep it up .regards and have a good one!