Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide Uncle Milton's Toys Review

     I have shared how Jayden loves bugs.  He really doesn't show fear of bugs in any way.  He is so interested in them and just picks them right up like nothing.  Uncle Milton's Toys has a variety of cool toys, including many bug items.  I was sent both a Scurry and Scare spider and Tarantula Planet.

     Founded in 1946, Uncle Milton creates, produces and markets proprietary and licensed toys that have outstanding play value and maximum kid-appeal. Since its introduction in 1956, the Ant Farm® brand ant habitat has grown to become a universally recognized icon of American pop culture. Building on the quality and innovation of their flagship brand, Uncle Milton today leads the science category with popular brands including Star Wars™ Science, Jim Henson’s DINOSAUR TRAIN™, In My Room, and Explore It!, composed of award-winning toys that inspire wonder, learning and fun. In the spring of 2012, the company will launch a new line of National Geographic branded Outdoor Explorer toys. Uncle Milton, a Transom Capital Group company, distributes its lines of toys at fine specialty toy, hobby, gift, mass merchant and department stores nationwide, as well as through popular online retailers.

     First, we were sent the Scurry and Scare black widow spider.  This spider is very easy to use and requires no batteries.  All you have to do is pull him back a little and then let him go.  He will scurry across the floor and his movements look very realistic.  It kind of waddles along.  Jayden spent a lot of time playing with this spider.  He likes to watch it go and tries to scare us with it, by setting it to go at our feet.  If your just walking by and didn't know then you might actually think this is a real spider. 

     The second item I received was the Tarantula Planet "Ocho Loco" the Wrestler.  This spider moves based on sounds.  It requires 3 button cell batteries and they are included.  All you do is place your tarantula on the tile and then clap or make any other sound.  It is sound activated.  Jayden loves to get close to it and yell, "Boo!"  Then it quickly runs away.  Jayden thinks it hilarious.  Ocho Loco has a cape and other accessories for his character.  The cape would often fall off if not careful and the accessories would also twist around.  The Spider himself is pretty fun, but the accessories are difficult to keep on the spider and keep track of.  Jayden loves to pull the spider out and cracks himself up laughing as he yells boo and it goes running.  John and Jayden played with this toy together for the first time and John thought it was pretty cool too.

     Uncle Milton has so many great products.  I'd love to get Jayden an ant farm or lady bug playground.  He would love to have live bugs to torture admire. Uncle Milton's Toys carries Dinosaur Train products and they also carry a line of Star Wars Science products.

   If you have a science lover in your family, either with bugs, lights, or other things then check out Uncle Milton Toys.

Buy it:  Scurry and Scare Black Widow Spider $6.99
             Trantula Planet "Ocho Loco" $14.99

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Thank you to Uncle Milton's Toysfor sponsoring this review.  We love our new sandbox!!
I was provided the above mentioned bugs for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  disclosure


  1. Love them! My nephew would really be into these too! Great review and love the videos!!

  2. Oh my gosh, ya, that would freak me out!! My boys were in to bugs for a while and thankfully they're past that stage. LOL


  3. Oh what a great site. I love toys that they can tough and play with, instead of sitting on the couch with the TV.