Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm a Saline Ambassador & My Boogie Party

     Have you noticed my cute little badge on my sidebar?  I am a Saline Ambassador.  What does that mean?  It means I get to share with you and everyone else about Saline Soothers and Boogie Wipes.  Just this past weekend I told you about the mom party I had.  Well, it was the perfect opportunity to also share Boogie wipes with all the moms and dads.

     Have you tried Boogie Wipes?  If you have then you know how awesome they are, if you haven't then you HAVE to try them.  These little nose wipes are great for anytime.  Jayden has allergies and when he gets a runny nose it gets red and sore.  He will run from a tissue, but asks for boogie wipes.  The boogie wipes cool and sooth his sore runny nose.

     At the party I shared with the moms and dads that attended all about boogie wipes.  My good friend of course already knew about them, she has used them and knows how much I push them.  But one of the moms had never heard of them.  I was a little shocked, but jumped right in to share with her about them. She was super excited to give them a try.  I kept out a big container of boogie wipes for all the runny nose running around.  There were a few friends that were unable to attend so I shared with them later. 

     One of my twin nieces decided to take off with the packages of boogie wipes.  She loaded them up in Jayden's Cozy Coupe and took off.  She was having a hard time because they kept falling out.  It was so cute and of course I missed that picture because I was laughing too much to think about it.  

     Lately Jayden has had a cough and runny nose and all he wants is boogie wipes.  He knows they are gentle on his nose. All the moms and dads at the party and those those that I shared with after told me later they loved boogie wipes now and will be using the coupons I gave them to go get more.  All participants were asked to fill out a survey after trying boogie wipes. 

     Have you tried Boogie Wipes?  How about Saline Soothers?  I highly recommend them to everyone.  I will be posting a giveaway for some that I received soon, so be sure and come back to enter. 

     Are you interested in being a Saline Ambassador too?  You can sign up HERE, and please tell them I sent you (Nancy Partin)

I was provided a box of boogie wipes and saline soothers to facilitate a party.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone.  disclosure



  1. I applied and put you down. We have been doing the Boogie Dance with Boogie Wipes for nearly 4 years now.

    BTW, couldn't get your link to work. I just did a Google Search for the form.

  2. I love Boogie Wipes! I bet everyone loves the party you had!