Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Shopping ~ Gift Cards Rock!! - #GiftCardsRock

     Being that I work full time outside my home, I'm a wife, mommy, and a blogger, I don't get much time to get out and shop regularly and especially not much during the busy holiday season.  I love giving gifts to others, but find it hard to find time to shop.  That is why I think Gift Cards Rock!  Gift Cards can be purchased in any amount from just about any retailer.  

     Typically every year we purchase gift cards for our teen niece and nephews.  Often we also purchase a gift card for John's daughter.  It is really hard to shop for a teen and make them happy with the purchase.  Not that our niece and nephews are rude about it or anything, but I like to know that when I purchase and give a gift it was something they want or need.  So every year I get them a small little something so they have an item to unwrap and then a gift card to one of their favorite stores.  This gives them the freedom to get what they want.  Often other family members do the same so they can add them up and get something big they really want.  All the teens love this and on Christmas Eve, when we get together, they all talk about what they plan to buy with their gift cards.  They actually have it all planned out.  Its pretty cute.  And it makes me happy to know that I have contributed to something they really want. 

     I also enjoy getting gift cards as a gift.  This makes it easy for the shopper and then I get the chance to pick out something I really want.  I have received gift cards to Ross, Kohl's, Target, and T J Maxx some of my favorite stores.  I secretly do the same as the teens in our family and plot what I want to get at the store with my gift cards.  The week between Christmas and New Years is a great week to shop with great deals.  Using the gift cards along with the deals helps me to get more.

     If you don't know the stores that someone likes to shop at then restaurant gift cards are great.  Its nice to get a night out for free or at least discounted.  John and I like to eat out, but can't always afford to.  But when we have received gift cards to local restaurants it has been wonderful to get out and enjoy it without worrying about our pocketbook.  Also, John works in different locations daily and gift certificates to fast food restaurants are great for getting lunch on the job.  And you may not think about it, but gas gift cards are awesome for everyone!  I have a bit of a commute to work daily and John's commute it much longer.  Gas is so expensive and getting a card to help pay for some of that is always a good idea.  My mom drives for a living and sometimes the cost of gas holds her back from getting jobs.  I am sure she would very much appreciate a gas card as a gift. 

    And last but not least have you see the VISA and America Express gift cards?  These are the best because your recipient can use the card in whatever way they want and at any retailer that takes VISA or American Express, including restaurants and gas stations.  We have given these as gifts many times and they work out great for both us as givers and those we gift to.  I have also received some of these and I love them.

     So who are you buying gift cards for this holiday season?  Anyone on your list that you are stumped as to what to buy them?  I highly recommend getting a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant.  Make this holiday less stressful and just buy gift cards.  You can even get many cards to different stores at one location, like your local grocery store.  I'd love to hear how you have used gift cards as gifts and why you think they rock. 

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