Sunday, December 4, 2011

Monday G+ Mingle Blog Hop

Grab My Button!

Happy Holiday's Everyone!!  Google is changing things up a bit and will be discontinuing Google Friend Connect BUT we will have a new way to share: Google +! You can add people to your circle and follow in an all new way, building new relationships and salvaging old ones! From what I understand GFC will end at the end of the year. With social media constantly evolving I am sure this is just one of the new changes in motion.

Let's all support each other and follow each other through Google +!

Just leave me a comment so that I can follow you back. My only request is that you follow me and my co-host, Karen @ Mommy Times and we will return the favor.

Grab my button and re-post and spread the word. The more follower's, the more we all benefit. Join me each and every Sunday night to begin Monday's G+ Mingle!

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