Saturday, December 3, 2011

We met Kurt Warner!!!

     John got a call from his mom on Friday afternoon.  She saw that Kurt Warner was going to be at the local mall signing autographs.  We are big Kurt Warner fans so we were excited.  I looked up the information and found out that he was going to be at Paradise Valley Mall Friday evening from 7:30-8:30. 

     So John rushed home from work to get ready to go.  We got to the store a little early, hoping to get in line early.  We bought our tickets to get his autograph and the store was great.  They had everything really organized.  The tickets were numbered and you had to stand in line according to your number.  We were a little lucky that someone just changed their mind on the type of autograph they wanted so we got a little higher number.  We bought Jayden a mini helmet to have Kurt Warner sign. 

     Of course the line was long and took some time.  Lucky there was a toy store next door.  I took Jayden to look and play in the store as John waited in line.  Jayden found a fun train to ride on in the store.

      When John got to the front of the line Jayden and I joined him.  When it was our turn Jayden walked up and said, "Hi Kurt!"  Kurt Warner was so great with him.  He reached out and shook Jayden's hand and talked to him a bit.  It went something like this:

Jayden: Hi Kurt
Kurt: Hi there what's your name?
Jayden: Jayden (softly so John had to repeat it for him)
Kurt:  Nice to meet you Jayden
Jayden: yea
Kurt: Are you a big guy?  Like your shirt says?
Jayden: Yea
Kurt:  How old are you?
Jayden: (he was quiet for a second)
Kurt: Are you 3?
Jayden:  Yes!

     Then Kurt signed Jayden's mini helmet for him and was kind enough to let us take a picture with him.  He was very nice and shook both John's and my hand.  He said, "Bye Jayden!"  It was a really fun experience and John is super happy because he LOVES Kurt Warner. 

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