Friday, January 20, 2012

*Sponsor Spotlight* Simply Fun #ABE3

     Jayden loves games, actually he has almost become obsessed with playing games.  He loves games.  And I have to say that Simply Fun had a lot to do with that.  Last ABE I was lucky enough to win a large prize pack that included some games from Simply Fun.  One of the games in particular really caught his attention and he still loves to play it now.  Actually just today I picked him up at his Nana's house and they were playing Share a Berry or as he calls it The Strawberry Pickin' Game.  He has learned so much from this game and gained a love of all games.  So I was very excited when Simply Fun agreed to sponsor here for ABE3.  The mission of SimplyFun is "We make learning fun and easy for children and help families stay connected.  And I was super excited to hear they would be sending me 4 games.

First up is My Monster.  This is probably Jayden's favorite of the bunch.  You get to choose your Monster card and then pull a shape from the bag to match on your monster.  The first to get all the missing shapes wins.  This game is simple and fun.  Jayden loves sticking his hand in the bag and "feeling" around for what he needs.  He can play the game over and over.  This game encourages tactile skills and can also lead to shape recognition and color identification. 

     Next is Tibbar's Apple Race.  In this game Tibbar and his buddies race to stack their blocks and be the first to pick 2 apples and then unstack the blocks.  When you roll the dice you add blocks in the direction based on the dice.  Pick apples on the way up and then climb down.  This game reinforces the numbers 1 and 2, encourages fine motor stills, and turn taking.  This game takes a sturdy play area.  Jayden learned very quickly which direction to place his block based on the number.

     Next is Tibbar's Big Box of Words.  This game has different levels of play.  Jayden's level is the beginning.  We would place the 3-4 letter word cards on top and then he would roll the letter cubes to match the letters.   While playing this game we realized that although there are 3 words on each card there is not enough letter cubes and letters to match them all.  So we would concentrate on one word at a time.  Jayden had a great time matching the letters.  There are higher level words and a way to hide the word and only show the picture so you can work on spelling on your own.  Jayden likes the hidden drawer that the letter cubes are kept in.  This game encourages letter recognition, letter matching, spelling, and adding vocabulary.

     The last item we received was Tibbar's Find My ABC's and 123's.  These are a combination of large floor puzzles and a game in one.  First you have to put together the puzzle (there are 2 separate ones).  Then along the edge of the puzzle there are items to find in the puzzle, kind of like an I spy puzzle.  In the ABC's you find items that begin with each letter of the alphabet and on the 123's you get to count out times and find 2 of this and 4 of that.  Jayden and I had a fun time with this one.  There are 28 pieces to each puzzle and they each measure 30 3/8" x 20 7/8". 

Buy it:  My Monster $23.00
             Tibbars Apple Race $26.00
             Tibbars Big Box of Words $34.00
             Tibbars Find My ABC's and 123's $28.00

    Do you want some extra entries for the BIG A BLOGTASTIC EXTRAVAGANZA "Its All Fun And Games" Prize pack?  Visit Simply Fun and tell me your favorite game they sell that you would like in a comment below.  Then enter on the Extra Entries post.  And Don't Forget to come back to do the Mandatory entries during the event January 23 to January 28.  

Thank you to SimplyFun for sponsoring this review and giveaway.  
I was provided the above mentioned games  for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  disclosure

Thank you to Learning Resources for sponsoring this review and giveaway.  
I was provided the above mentioned game  for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  disclosure


  1. I like the What If Conversation Ring.
    tvpg at aol dot com

  2. I think Tibbar's What Comes Next? Sequencing Puzzles looks like fun for my grand daughter

  3. I like Pickles' Veggie Pick, too!

  4. My oldest would probably love the Pickles' Veggie Pick!

  5. I think the Tibbar's Find My ABC's and 123's looks like a lot of fun. Would love to win it for my sister's kids (if I didn't keep it for myself).

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Tina 'the book lady'
    wswpub (at) gmail

    1. I can't tell what's in the picture above the RC gadget - so I'm guessing my previous comment. If I had my choice of any of the games on the site it would be the PLEXT game. That one looks like fun.

      Tina 'the book lady'
      wswpub (at) gmail

  6. The pickles veggie pick game looks really cool!
    hungrymonkey09 at gmail dot com

  7. I love this site! The Crazy Mixed Up Zoo Game looks fun too!

  8. I like the Find My ABC & 123 game!