Monday, February 13, 2012

Diamondbacks Fan Fest

     Saturday we decided to look for something fun to do as a family.  And with a small amount of looking online John found the Diamondbacks Fan Fest.  The fan fest was free and open to anyone.  We are not the biggest baseball fans, but Jayden loves all sports and it we thought it would be fun to check out.  So we quickly got ready and headed out the door since it was about to start.  Although it was free to get in the parking downtown costs, but it was only $5 so that is not bad.  We parked and found our way to the ballpark.  It was really crowded.

     There were many booths set up for sharing information.  There were about 4 or 5 bounce houses, silent auction, and more.  The players were scheduled to sign autographs at tables.  For adults 12 and up the cost was $5, but for children under 12 there were some players signing autographs for free.  We brought Jayden's Diamondbacks hat to get signed.  But when we went to the signing table area it was so busy.  We really didn't want to wait in line.  Plus it was a bit confusing where to stand and for what autograph.  So we just walked around and received some freebies, like t-shirts, beach balls, candy, and more.  While we were walking around we saw Baxter the Bob cat mascot.  He signed Jayden's hat for him and we were able to take a picture too. 

     The was also a photo area where you can get your picture take with players.  When we got over in the area they had the big bobble head people of the legends.  So Jayden got his picture with a couple.  There was one he seemed kind of scared of, think its because he had a longer neck and was really big.  We hung out in that area a while.  Then we decided to walk around some more.  We found the wiffle ball area.  Some of the players were throwing wiffle balls for children to hit and then run the bases.  We watched for a while and Jayden asked to play.  John wasn't sure he'd be able to do it, but I was confident in my little man.  We stood in like for like 12-15 minutes before it was Jayden's turn.  He was so excited to go up there and play.  He swung the bat a couple times missing the ball and then he had a good hit.  He was so excited he went running to the bases.  When he was on second base the player pretended to chase after him.  He almost missed 3rd base and then ran to me.  He had so much fun he wanted to do it again.  We walked around a little more, but ultimately ended up in line again to hit the ball. This time it only took 2 pitches to hit the ball.  He ran the bases again.  John was a little surprised that Jayden was able to do it in front of all those other people watching.

      It was a fun afternoon on a beautiful day.  I only wish I had thought to bring my own sharpie marker.  Although Baxter had his own marker for autographs, the players that were walking around were willing to stop and sign autographs every so often, especially at the wiffle ball game, but I didn't have something to write with and neither did they.  I will remember to have a marker next time.



  1. What a Great way to spend the day! Looks like a really fun time!

  2. Looks like you had tons of fun!

  3. I can tell from the pics that Jayden had a blast!

  4. Wow! Looks like you had a lot fun! I can't wait til my girls are a little older so we can do stuff like this :)