Monday, March 26, 2012

First Days of Preschool

     Thursday was Jayden's first day at preschool.  Jayden has been going to a sitter (his Nana's) since he was 3 months old.  I have wanted for him to join a preschool just to get some more social interactions.  He has been the only child at Nana's for over a year and a half now.  He gets tons of one on one attention as you can imagine and they love each other soo much.  I just want to let him get more time with children his age.  So a good friend of mine teaches Child Development at a local high school near my office.  For the next couple of months about 8 or 9 weeks her class becomes a lab class for the students.  So they have an actual preschool class of 3-4 year olds for 2-3 days a week depending on the school schedule.  The high school students are in charge of setting up activities and leading small groups with the preschoolers.  They also have to take observations and plan the routine.  So I was asked if I wanted to bring Jayden.  My biggest concern was that I have to work and the class schedule is only 8:45-2:45.. not my full day schedule.  But my very sweet friend said I can bring him when she gets to work at 7:30 and pick him up at the time she leaves 3:30.  Since she will have her son there too they can play before and after school just the two of them as she prepares and cleans up for the day. 

     Last Tuesday was supposed to be Jayden's first day, but he was sick.  So Thursday was his actual first day.  I stayed with him for the first couple hours.  He did really well.  He was just soaking it all in.  He followed the routine as he needed, but was a bit overwhelmed.  There are only about 12 preschool kids, but each class period about 25 high schoolers come and go.  So potentially there are over 150 people that he may have in his classroom though out the day.  Jayden can get overwhelmed by crowds so I was also concerned about this.  While I was there the first day Jayden did check in with me a couple times to be sure where I was.  He played playdough, drew a picture of giraffes, cut with scissors, rode a bike, rode a scooter, and played in the sand before I left.  While they played outside I told him I had to go and I would be back later.  He said OK and seemed fine. 

     About 2 hours later I get a call from my friend and she says he has a fever.  She took him to the school nurse and she said his temperature was 103.  This scared me because he has not ever had a fever this high.  I left work to get him and when I got there he was sitting on my friends lap hugging her.  She told me he was crying and had a crowd of high school girls trying to cheer him up, but he just wanted her.  I am not surprised, he is comfortable with her.  So we went home early and he napped.  When I got home his fever was only 100 so either it went down on its own or her thermometer was off. 

    So today, Monday, we tried school again for the second day.  I told him if he gets scared or worried to just look for my friend.  I was unable to stay for the morning today.  So we got there early and waited for my friend.  When she got there we all walked in together.  Jayden immediately went for the grocery cart that he played with last week.  I told him I had to go and he kept telling me that he didn't want me to go, but didn't stop playing.  I gave him hugs and kisses and told him to find my friend if he gets scared or needs anything.  He said OK and I left. 

     I did text my friend a little bit later to see if he was alright.  I knew she was busy so I figured it would be a while before she got back to me.  She did get back to me and said he was fine.  He spent the day shadowing her whenever there was a change in high schoolers.   When there was a transition he found her and just followed her until he felt comfortable getting back into play and he'd play great.  He enjoyed drawing, housekeeping, soccer, and of course dancing.  In fact he was the only boy that would dance.  There were a couple of girls and Jayden dancing at music and movement time.  This is no surprise since he loves to dance.  In fact he kept asking for my friend to put the music on more. 

     I showed up to get him and he was playing with his friend and was super excited to see me.  There were a few high schoolers just hanging out in the classroom (it was after class time) and he announced to them that I was his mommy.  Jayden told me he danced at school and played with Michael and Gaby.  {new friends.. :)}

     Oh I though of another concern I had with him going to school... naps. Jayden is still an awesome napper.  He naps about 2-3 horus a day.  Well there is not really a set nap time in this preschool.  They have a short quiet time for resting and reading books, but that's it.  She does have a couple of nap cots for children that want to nap.  Of course what child wants to nap when other kids are playing around them.  So as we drove home today Jayden slept in the car. Then when I got home he laid on the couch and slept more.  I had to wake him after just over an hour.  He said he wanted to sleep more.  I made him some dinner first.  I told him we can take a bath and go to bed, but he didn't want a bath just bed.  He refused to take a  bath.  He didn't want to brush his teeth either, but I said he can't go to bed unless he brushes his teeth and he!  Then he crawled into bed a little early and is happy. 

     Tomorrow is the next day for school and other only other day this week so I'm excited for him to continue and experience more. 

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  1. What a milestone to experience first day of preschool :) Looks like he is having lots of fun playing with playdough and riding bicycles. It's good that he has someone he is comfortable with!