Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Growing Up With Hello Kitty Learns to Share & Eats Her Vegetables DVDs

     Hello Kitty has been a long time favorite character for many.  Who can resist such a cute little kitty.  I was recently sent a couple of the new Hello Kitty DVDs to review.  Hello Kitty and her Twin Sister Mimmy  learn important life lessons from their loving parents and friends. 

     Hello Kitty Eats Her Vegetables and other stories was the first DVD (45 minutes run time).  This DVD includes 6 cute and entertaining episodes: 

1.  Eating Our Vegetables: When Hello Kitty and Mimmy refuse to eat tomatoes and bell peppers, mama comes up with a fun way to change their minds. 

2.  Cleaning Up My Mess: Hello Kittty learns why it's a good idea to keep her room clean.

3.  Sleeping By Ourselves: Hello Kitty and Mimmy learn to fall asleep when it's time for bed.

4.  It's Fun To Help: Hello Kitty learns how important it is to help mama with household chores.

5.  Talking On The Phone: Hello Kitty and Mimmy learns the proper way to answer the telephone.

6.  Changing Our Clothes: When mama is sick, Hello Kitty and Mimmy learn they can change their clothes all by themselves. 

     The second DVD is Hello Kitty Learns To Share and other episodes (47 minutes run time).  This DVD includes 6 more cute episodes with social lessons.

1.  I Can Share With Friends: Hello Kitty learns the importance of making good choices.

2.  Saying I'm Sorry: when Hello Kitty touches papa's computer without permission she learns how to say "I'm Sorry."

3.  Let's Play Together: The boys and girls have a playground disagreement but learn to get along.

4.  Eating Nicely:  Hello Kitty learns about table manners during a family night out.

5.  Going To The Bathroom: Hello Kitty learns the rules about when she should go to the bathroom.

6.  Replying Properly: Hello Kitty learns how to respond to people politely.

   I really like the lessons built into each episode.  I just knew these would be perfect for my twin nieces.  Little girls just love hello kitty and what's not to like of twin kitty's when your a twin yourself.  These two dvds are great for any little girl in your life, especially the Hello Kitty fans.

Available to order now. And available in stores across the US & Canada March, 27, 2012

Buy it:  Hello Kitty Learns to Share & Hello Kitty Eats her Vegetables DVDs $9.99 Each

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  1. I loved Hello Kitty as a little girl. I have a boy so I don't think I will be buying any Hello Kitty products LOL.

  2. I LOVE Hello Kitty :) I will look into getting this for my daughter because it sounds like a great series with good info to reinforce :)

  3. I LOVE Hello Kitty! I am going to look into this because there are things that I would like to reinforce with my daughter, who also likes Hello Kitty too :)