Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide Coming..

I've teamed up again with Alesha from Full Time Mama to bring you another fabulous gift guide!  This time we'll be sharing our picks for Mother's Day!  The guide will run from April 23 to May6 , and we'll be featuring some amazing reviews and giveaways!

My husband is horrible about getting gifts.  I love him, but let me tell you if I really want something I need to practically take him to the store and pick it out myself or just get it myself.  He tries, really he does, but he never knows what to get.  I do have to say early on in our relationship he was awesome at getting gifts.  I received some great Tiffany jewelry our first Christmas and some other silver jewelry other times.  But it seems to have lacked since then.  I must admit I have been known to buy something I want and tell him that is from him.  Maybe it's the same for you? I realize the majority of my readers are mothers, so when you see one of the products we share that you love, feel free to strategically leave the page up for your husband to see... Or just straight out tell him you love it and that's what you want for Mother's Day! And, for those of my few readers who are men, we're here to help you too!

Want a head start on extra entries for giveaways? Place the button on your blog now, leave us a link in the comment section below, and you'll earn an extra 5 entries into each giveaway! We have some fabulous companies we're working with, and can't wait to share them with you!  Trust me, you'll definitely want those extra entries!  Sponsor spotlight post will be coming soon, stay tuned!

Arizona Mama

If you're a company who has a product you'd like to see featured during our gift guide, feel free to contact me!


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