Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh No.. Sick in the House

     Well, it seems the sickness has entered our home and does not want to go.  John has been sick since Friday.  So to keep Jayden and myself from getting sick I took him out most the day on Saturday.  We went school shopping (Yes Jayden is starting a part time preschool) and out to lunch.  After nap we went to the park and grocery shopping.  We made it through the first day.  Then Sunday I had to do some laundry at home.  I tried to keep Jayden from getting too close to John.  We did leave for a bit to Sam's Club.  After returning from the store Jayden began to cough. 

     Oh NO!!!  Yup before too long his nose was running, super watery eyes, and a slight fever.  All he wanted was to lay on mommy and sleep.  When he is sick he is a big mama's boy and just wants me to hold him.  He says its comfortable when he lays on me.  After a while I convinced him to get his Jamey's on and get in bed.  I turned on the humidifier and hoped for the best.  Of course he woke about 3 times through the night calling me.  I knew there was no way he was going to Nana's house.  This is where I was torn.  I knew he wanted me to say home with him, like I said mama's boy when sick.  But I had a meeting and a training I was leading.  Turns out John was still feeling sick and was staying home anyway so he said just leave Jayden with him.  Well, more stress because John is not very useful when sick and having a needy sick boy is not a good combo with that. 

     But I went ahead and went to work.  Jayden was still asleep when I left (not usual since he is a 5:00 in the AM riser daily).  After I was at work for a short time my phone rang.  John said that Jayden woke up and wanted mommy so they called me.  Jayden sounded so pathetic and sad on the phone.  I seriously wanted to run home and hold him.  He told me he was sick.  I of course felt like the worst mommy in the world for not being with him while he is sick.  About an hour later he called me again.  He just had to call me and tell me his voice is better, but he's still sick.  I asked him if he wanted me to bring him anything and he said strawberries. 

After that I didn't really hear from them.  After a few hours I tried to call and there was no answer, they were sleeping.  A little while later I texted to see if they were alright and John said yea they are playing games.  I started to get hope he'd get better.  But no, I get home and he's eating crackers.  He said hi, but didn't jump up to see me.  Think he was upset I left him and didn't say with him.  He started feeling sick more and I asked if he wanted me to hold him, he said no cause you might get sick.  :(  But soon he gave in for mommy to hold him.  He was very whiny and grumpy.  He wanted to just lay on me, no dinner, no drinks, or anything. 

So now he is in bed.  I have already gone in there twice in response to his crying.  He keeps moaning and crying.  Wish me luck with getting him better and keeping myself from getting sick.  Plus, looks like he will miss his first day of school.  Hope he's better by Thursday for his second day of school. 


  1. I hope you don't get sick mothers don't have time to get sick. My little one likes to be held a lot when he is sick.

  2. I'm sending you good positive thoughts of not being sick...
    Stopping by from Pitch it to me.

  3. Oh man, I hope you guys get better soon! Had a little guy home from school today. Went to the doctor's but seems he just has a cold...or something! =(