Friday, April 13, 2012

Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic

     Last night we had the opportunity to go see Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic.  Jayden was so excited.  He talked about it all day at his Nana's.  I picked him up and we went home to get ready and wait for John.  Of course our luck John was stuck in traffic and was late getting home.  He had to quickly get ready and go.  We got to the stadium just in time.  We picked up our tickets and found our seats.  We were also very happily surprised to get a fun gift bag with a few fun items, like a coloring book, princess Ariel pillow, and a huge lollipop.  We were all getting really excited as they said they would start in 5 more minutes.  Our seats were really good, in the middle row 6.  
It started and Jayden was super excited.  Mickey Mouse came to to begin the show.  When the Zamboni came out Jayden said, Mama I'm a little scared.  I reminded him that there was a Zamboni on Calliou.  Along came Aladdin and the Genie, then came Nemo and then Beauty and the Beast.  There were little tiny bits of each story.
  Along came each of the princesses and their princes.  As each one came out Jayden would exclaim, "whoa!", "Look Mama.", "Who's that one?", etc.  He didn't know who each of them were, but he loved them all.  They all skated so beautifully.
     Jayden's favorite characters Woody and Buzz Light Year from Toy Story came along next.  Then Mickey, Minnie, and Donald introduced the Its a Small World.  Jayden kept asking lots about these.  The funniest is when he asked me why that guy didn't have any clothes on.  Of course he did, but just a little.  I had to explain that is what he wears where he is from.  He said, "but why its took cold he should wear clothes."  LOL!  Then the electric light parade and Mickey in a flying lit up hot air balloon.  Jayden loved it and clapped along.  Then came intermission.
     Jayden refused to leave his seats even for a second for fear of missing something.

     There were so many stories played out.  Mickey's marching band, Wish Upon a Star, Pinocchio, and Mulan all came next.  Jayden had lots of questions about Pinocchio.  He asked John during the show, but asked me after we got into the car about why the boy had a carrot on his nose.  He has been asking about it ever since.   Just tonight he asked me if his nose was getting bigger and said he didn't want a carrot on his nose.  It is just so cute!!

   The last couple included the Incredibles and the Lion King.  The whole thing ended with everyone coming out to dance together.  It was action packed, fun, and exciting.  The skating was beautiful!  It was a wonderful night of fun for all of us.  Jayden loved waving goodbye to all the characters.  I did get a brief video of the end to share with you.

Did I make you want to go see the show?  If your in Arizona they are still here all weekend so there are more show times available all weekend.  If your in another state then check to schedule for when they will be in your time.  If they are not coming to you this time keep your eye out for future shows. 

You can find all show information here on Disney On Ice Website.
I was provided the tickets to the show for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  disclosure


  1. That looks AWESOME! So glad you guys had such a good time! Where did you do the collage?! I need to find somewhere else since picnic is closing in a few days. =(

  2. Jack would absolutely love to go to Disney on Ice! Looks so fun!

  3. Our family has never been to an ice
    show! Thanks for the great review
    and pictures...

  4. The looks so cool, glad that you all had a wonderful time!