Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Picture Keeper

     I think that every mother I know loves to capture their little ones in pictures.  I know I am constantly behind my camera taking pictures.  I want to hold every moment I can, because Jayden is growing so fast.  But once you take those pictures everything is digital.  So lucky you don't have boxes and envelopes full of pictures everywhere.  But there is always a concern with all things digital of your computer crashing and losing all your invaluable photos.  Or you could be like me and have your computer stolen and all your precious photos gone forever.  Before either of those things happen you need to think back up.  I have the perfect solution... Picture Keeper.

     Some of you might remember that I did a couple of reviews on the picture keeper a while back.  I love the picture keeper.  It is so simple to use and keep your photos safe. The picture keeper is simply a special USB that when plugged into your computer will search and grab your photos automatically.  And even better if you add photos and want to grab them the picture keeper knows that you already have the photo on there and will only grab the new pictures.  Then once you pull your photos you have a back up to all your photos.  I suggest putting the USB away somewhere safe and not near your computer.

     The picture keeper comes in a variety of sizes from 4,000 to 250,000.  You can find out how large you need by looking at the tutorial on their site to figure it out.  But be sure to plan for future pictures. Picture keeper also has a PC software program that will help you turn any USB into a picture keeper. 

     The Picture Keeper is a perfect gift for anyone, but especially for mom on Mother's Day!

Arizona Mama

Buy it:  Picture Keeper from $29.99 and up

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  1. This looks like something I might need for mom's day! I am a huge picture taker. I've taken tens of thousands of photos since my 8 year old was born and now we have three kiddos! I love this idea!!

  2. Oh my gosh I have SO many pictures on my computer it's not funny! I'd be devastated if I lost them all. I need this!!

  3. I seriously need to look into this. I keep meaning to. Thanks for the link mama!!

  4. I could really use one of these!

  5. This would come in very handy in my house.