Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Fever *Sponsor Spotlight* IntelliCeuticals / Intelligender

     The moment a woman becomes pregnant she becomes curious about the babies gender.  Whether they have a preference or not most woman just want to know.  I think sometimes it helps with a connection to know if there is a baby boy or a baby girl on the way.  IntelliGender is a urine based gender prediction kit.  When it comes to Ultrasounds they usually do the gender around 18-22 weeks.  With the IntelliGender you can find out as soon as 10 weeks.  That is great for women that are anxious to know early.   With Jayden the doctor made me wait until 22 weeks and let me tell you I was dying.  This time around I was able to go at 19 weeks, but still a wait.  I really wanted to use one of these fun predictor kits to see what it said.  Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to get the test before my ultra sound.  This test has been proven to be 90% accurate.

     The makers of IntelliGender also make IntelliCeuticals. IntelliCeutials have a full line of safe and effective herbal remedies for moms and babies.  They have 2 lines, before baby and after baby.  I have previously tried the Conceive Ease Flower Essence and the Harmonic Baby Massage Oil.  And I loved the products.  I was excited to be able to feature some more of their great products.  I was sent the Baby's Best Milk Drops and the Nature's Nipple Prep. 

  The Baby's Best Milk Drops are used daily to help support a healthy milk supply and establish a breastfeeding routine.  I plan to breastfeed for sure when baby boy gets here.  With Jayden my milk supply took a few days to come in and it was very frustrating as he was losing weight and the pediatrician had me supplement with formula for a couple days until my milk came in.  It was devastating for me at that time.  I don't want to go through that again.  I am hoping that the Baby's Best Milk Drops will help me with this.  This is 100% herbal and ingredients include Goats Rue, Borage, Milk Thistle, and Fenugreek.  Each of these ingredients contribute to boost a mother's milk supply.

     Nature's Nipple Prep is a 100% Natural soothing cream to help maintain healthy skin tone and sooth nipples prior to birth and during nursing.  Ingredients include Calc flour, Marigold, Chamomile, Silica, and Vitamin E Oil. Although this product is not harmful it is for use immediately after breastfeeding and should be wiped clean before the next feeding.   It has a soft almost non-existence scent to it.  This cream goes on soft and smooth and is no greasy.

Buy it:  Baby's Best Milk Drops $21.95 & Nature's Nipple Prep $19.99

 Win it:  One (1) Arizona Mama reader will win a IntelliGender Prediction Kit and a bottle of Baby's Best Milk Drops.  The giveaway will take place as part of the Maternity in Spring package during the Spring Fever event. 

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Thank you to IntelliGender/IntelliCeuticals for sponsoring this review and giveaway.  
I was provided the above mentioned product for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  disclosure


  1. i have used this once when i was prego last time and it came up wrong, but i also think i did not wait long enough to go to the bathroom

  2. I would like to try the new mom rebalancing drops =)

  3. I'd like to try the conceive-ease flower essence since we are TTC!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  4. This morning I just tried the test I won from your blog several months
    back.... Test read boy!!

  5. I'd love to try the new mom rebalancing drops

  6. i'd like the nature’s nipple prep™

  7. I'd like to try the new mom rebalancing drops

  8. I would love to try the conceive-ease flower essence.

  9. I'd love to try the new mom rebalancing drops.

  10. I would love to try the new mom rebalancing drops™.

  11. Would like to try the Nature's Nipple Prep.
    Kathy Davis

  12. I love their clear away cradle cream and it WORKS! I know from experience :)