Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Snack Smarter" Unjunk Your Junk Food Book Review

     I am a snacker, I love snacks.  I try to eat what I feel is somewhat healthy snacks.  I love fruits and some vegetables.  But I am also a big snacker on crackers and those items.  I know you have to be careful because many products are really not healthy at all.  I was recently sent the book Unjunk Your Junk Food to review.

     Unjunk Your Junk Food is a very easy to follow book that pretty much shares healthy alternatives to some conventional snacks.  So instead of just saying "Don't Eat That!" It gives you an alternative that you can eat in place of the unhealthy products.  The book is written by Andra Donsky and Randy Boyer.  They are both health and wellness advocates and co founders of  Also, Lisa Tsakos contributes as a chief nutrition expert for

     As I looked through the book I noticed many familiar products.  I wasn't super surprised with the unhealthy bad choice items. Of course one of Jayden's favorite candies is M&Ms and its on the bad choice list, but I was happy to see a healthier version that I will now look for in the store.  Jayden also loves chocolate pudding and on occasion I will let him get some for a treat.  The book had the brand I bought as a bad choice, but an alternative to choose.  I will definitely look for these alternative products for future purchases.

     John is a popcorn lover and often likes to snack on popcorn.  The kind we have is not in the book, but it is the same brand.  I thought it might be interesting to look at as the kind I recently purchased is called Smart Pop and I expected it to be better.  Unfortunately, as I looked closer I noticed that although the calories, fat, and trans fat looks good.  The sodium was off the charts and more then the regular version.  But while looking at the Ranch dip mix the one I had in my pantry looked to be better then both the bad and good choice with similar calories and fat, but lower sodium.  But on a closer look I saw that it contains Monosodium glutamate, which translates to MSG and not good at all.

     I love to have crackers.  I like many different kinds of crackers, but the two I like most are Wheat Thins and Cheez-It.  So although they are not in the book I decided to look at the ingredients and see if there were any from the Worst Ingredients Chart in the book on page 25-26.   The Cheez-It's were looking good until I came across the TBHQ which is a preservative and long term exposure has been linked to cancer, YIKES!.  Looking at the Wheat Thins it looks pretty good as far as ingredients, but then I see right below the ingredients a statement, "BHT added to packaging material to preserve freshness." Although it is not an ingredient it is in the packaging and it has been identified as a possible carcinogen.

     I feel like this book has really opened my eyes.  Although some products I knew were not "healthy" some that I thought would fall in the healthy area really are not.  I need to spend a little more time reading labels.  I really like the full color pictures and simple to follow information.  The book shows what is bad in some products and what makes the good products that way.  I encourage everyone to get this book and at least learn a little more about what is in the foods we eat daily.

Buy it:  Unjunk Your Junk Food  $17.99 (but you can find it at a lower price if you look)

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  1. Oh my gosh I WANT this book! And I will now be taking the Cheez-Its out of my boys school snacks! UGH! Thank you for that eye opener!

  2. This would be a great book for our family, since we're all trying to eat healthier. I'm scared to find out what's on the bad list that I love! lol

  3. This is a great book - i actually got it for myself already! Its crazy all the Good things vs bad things in our diets.

  4. I love the idea of that book! It annoys me when books just say "Hey, candy's bad for you" because, well, duh. But giving an alternative version to choose when you want it anyway but want to be slightly less unhealthy? That rocks. :)

  5. This looks like a really eye opening book. I think it's important to eat healthy, but also important to have special treats once in awhile. This could help me make better choices for my family!

  6. This certainly can be an informative book. My eating habits are off the charts just because I hate cooking for just me so during the day, I eat lots of junk food. Thanks for the great review on this book

  7. I will get this book for my son, he is trying to get only good food for the children...this will help.