Friday, June 29, 2012

Preparing to be a Big Brother: Siblings Rock!!

        So last weekend Jayden attended a really fun class at the hospital called Siblings Rock!  The class is for children 3 to 12 year olds that will soon become big brothers or big sisters.  The class is meant to teach children what to expect with a baby coming into the family and how to help with their baby brother or sister.  The class includes presentation, hands on instructions with baby dolls, coloring books, tour of the hospital and more.

     I was very excited to get Jayden in this class.  He has been an only child for 4 years.  And although he loves babies, I wanted him to learn a little more of what to expect.  Also, I wanted him to see the hospital where I will go when I have the baby.  (oh and I am not taking birthing classes this time so this gave me a chance to see the hospital too).

     The class began with the instructor talking about what a sibling is and getting to know the kids.  She had a power point that she referred to with pictures.  They talked about how babies cry and reasons that babies might cry.  Everyone then was able to make Boo-Boo Bunnies.  These are so cute made with cheap washcloths.  I will try and add a little turtorial soon on making these.  Jayden picked a green one and made eyes and a nose.  I had to help him with it as all the parents helped their child.  

     The instructor then talked about how babies come out and that they have to go through a tunnel.  She set up a long line of chairs and all the kids crawled through the chairs to represent how a baby travels to get out and how small it is.  I was a little surprised that Jayden participated.  When he was in soccer class he didn't like to crawl in the tunnel.  But he did it.  The instructor continued to go through what it will be like to have a baby home and things like being quiet when the baby sleeps, play careful with baby around, tell mom and dad if you feel left out, and so on.
     Then the baby dolls were passed out.  Some of the little girls in the class brought their own, but for those that didn't they provided a doll.  They passed out newborn diapers to put on the babies too.  I thought it was kind of funny that Jayden picked up the diaper, looked at me funny and said what's this?  I had to tell him its a different kind of diaper (he was expecting cloth!! LOL!).  So he had to remove the diaper already on the baby.  He was kind of hesitant with this activity at first.  He told me to change the diaper.  I told him he needs to try.  The instructor came over to help him and so I could get some pictures.  He opened the diaper and put it on as he was shown.  The instructor told the class if they can pick up the baby under the underarms and the diaper stays on then they did it right.  Jayden exclaimed, "Look mommy it stayed on!" He was excited he did it right.

     Next the instructor passed out blankets and showed the kids how to swaddle the baby.  Jayden did a really good job with this.  The instructor then showed everyone how to hold the baby.  She gave warnings to only hold the baby when they are sitting in a chair or on the couch.  She also pointed out that an adult has to give them the baby, do not pick up the baby themselves.

     After this we all went for a walk to tour the birthing area of the hospital.  We were able to see the room that moms give birth in and the kids all really liked looking out the windows. 

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