Friday, July 13, 2012

My Pregnancy Journal Week 35

Week 35

Your baby doesn't have much room to maneuver now that he's over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds (pick up a honeydew melon). Because it's so snug in your womb, he isn't likely to be doing somersaults anymore, but the number of times he kicks should remain about the same. His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.. From BabyCenter

Random Thoughts:  Ok so I am beginning to waddle some.. Yikes!  I have a hard time sleeping at night.  I have to turn over often and while doing so I have to kind of guide my belly.  It feels really heavy at night for some reason, lol!  My belly literally sits on my legs, by that I mean I can feel my belly touch the front of my legs when I sit and even kind of when I walk.  Its crazy how low he is.  I was reading that at this point in pregnancy babies will move and kick, but not likely turn over because there is not enough room.  Well, someone needs to tell baby boy because he is flipping all over.  He has had the hiccups lately too.  I think he has moved to a little different position because I feel the hiccups a little higher.

Symptoms/Medical:  Still tired..There has been some really sharp pains down there.. I think he is testing it out to see if that is where he wants to go.  There have been a few times I felt like there is a chance he might push his way out already.

Weight Gain: 1 lbs up... 39lbs over all.

Cravings:  Not really.. Some different things sound good.. but not any real cravings.  I'd like to have sushi. Oh and recently I have wanted ice tea more often and less lemonade.  I have also been eating ice, which I found annoys one of my co-workers.  

Food Aversions: None as usual.

What made me cry this week:  yes a little.  Last weekend Jayden kept jumping all over me and I kept telling him to stop, but I know he was bored and wanting attention.  John was not really helping out with it as he was doing his own thing.  I finally got tired of it and yelled at Jayden.  John gets upset and tells me that its not his fault he is bored and we need to do something with him.  It got me so upset.  I tell him that all the time cause he gets that way all week.  And the one time I get tired and fed up I get John scolding me.  I was so mad.  I tell him remember that I always tell him that and he just ignores me.  He tells me that during the week he is tired and busy with work, but he has more time on the weekends.  Whatever!!  I am so tired of being the one that keeps Jayden busy, because John is either too busy, too tired, or just wants to watch TV.  He will sit and watch some dumb show that no one else wants to see and completely tune us out.  Jayden will be jumping all over him and the couch.  I ask Jayden to stop a million times and he doesn't because daddy does nothing about it.  Then John gets tired of it and yells.. its like he doesn't notice until he explodes.  I am just tired of it.  I worry what it might be like when the baby comes.  I need help!  I can't do it all.. I know Jayden just wants attention and is telling us in his way, but I can't be the one that is on all the time.  I need a break too.  So needless to say I broke down and cried a little when John jumped on me for doing once what he does ALL the time.

Thoughts from Jayden:  Jayden asks about baby ___ all the time.  He will ask me if he is moving or kicking me.  He will ask me if he is gonna come out yet.  He talks to baby boy too.  He will just come up to my belly and call baby's name.  Jayden has had fun with all the baby stuff coming to the house lately, but I think he is feeling a bit left out.  I have a baby shower next weekend and I am thinking I will have to get Jayden a present so he has something to open for himself.  I don't want him to be sad that everything is for the baby.

Something I am excited about:  Mostly I can't believe I only have 5 weeks to go.. less actually since I turned 35 weeks on Tuesday.  I wonder if he will be early, on time, or a little late.  Jayden was pretty much a due date baby, so I am actually hoping baby boy is too.  I am working up to August 10 and I'm due on August 14.  We have so much to do at work with school starting soon.  I did get some house cleaning done.  The side of my bed is all clean and the hope chest is moved so I have room for baby boys bassinet.  I can't wait to get that in the mail.  I'm excited that there are so many pregnant people around me.  Another friend just found out she is having a baby boy too!  So excited for her and I can't wait for our boys to play together and be little friends.  I am excited because the girls at work had a little shower for me at work the other day.  We got lots of cute baby clothes and some blankets.  Also, like I said my friend is having a shower for me next weekend.  Not that I need too much, its just fun to get together.  Tonight I went to my friends place and she shared the menu with me to be sure I liked it all.. and I do.  It all sounds so YUMMY!!  I'm also excited that my baby event is growing like crazy.  I have so many great products to share with you all.  I am hoping I don't fall too far behind.

Happenings of the Harper Household

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  1. I am so happy for you!! You look amazing!!!! You are a wonderful mom and I hope the joy will arrive soon and the discomforts, subside quickky.

  2. It's so exciting that you are at 35 weeks. That little baby will be in your arms soon! Congrats!

  3. I'm so sorry John was making it hard for you. I deal with the same with Gary sometimes... I know they get tired from working all week, but we need a break from time to time too. It sure would be nice to just sit and do what we wanted for a few hours, wouldn't it?! :) They just dont understand. Maybe if you shared your feelings and concerns a bit? Started taking an hour or 2 every Saturday for some mommy time before baby comes and you HAVE to do pretty much everything for a while?
    I know I say it every week, but I really can't wait until he's here! It's gone so fast!!

  4. I totally would have cried over that too :( &So sorry you're not sleeping well! I totally remember that & it sucks so bad. Hope next week is better for you! {Ps. Maybe you'll go into labor on my son's birthday, August 13th!}