Sunday, July 22, 2012

Never Stop Learning Event Sponsor Spotlight *Learning Resources*

    Another favorite company that I love bringing you products from is Learning Resources.  They have nothing but learning products for your little one to learn and grow.  This time along with the Never Stop Learning Event I am featuring the Primary Science Magnet Set. I think just about every child is curious about magnets.. many adults too.  Magnets are so interesting in how they work.

     The Primary Science Magnet Set features many ways to use different types of magnets to learn and play.  The set includes 14 pieces and activity cards.
  •  Maze tray
  • Horseshoe Magnet
  • Magnetic Post
  • 4 Ring Magnets
  • 2 Bar Magnets
  • 2 Magnet bugs
  • 2 Snap-on Cars
  • String
  • 10 Activity Cards
  • Bonus *Online you can also download 10 additional Activity Cards from Learning Resources
     The Primary Science Magnet Set helps children to explore similarities and differences between magnets, actively engage in fun educational experiments, use some basic vocabulary such as attract, repel, etc, and learn about the magnetic poles.  There is also some eye hand coordination, fine motor, and cognitive thinking skills used.   

     There are a multitude of ways to use these magnets and with the 20 Activity cards and your child's imagination there is lots to learn.  One of the fun and simple activities that Jayden loves is to see what objects will the magnet stick to.  In other words what is magnetic.  He will take one of the bar magnets or the ring magnets and place it on different objects to see if they stick.  This can be endless fun.. just a warning keep the magnets away from computers.  

     We tried some of the fun activities from the cards provided.  First the simple activity with the magnet bug, magnet pole, and maze tray.  We placed the bug on top and used the pole under it to move the bug through the maze.  Jayden got out the horseshoe magnet and used it to pick up safety pins and to make them move from under a paper plate.  I then filled a small clear tub with water and added the safety pins inside the tub.  Jayden used the bar magnet to move the pins around from the outside.  Jayden then of course had fun just dipping the magnet into the water and picking up the safety pins.  There are so many fun ways to use magnets.

Buy it:  Primary Science Magnet Set $29.99

Win it:  One (1) Arizona Mama Reader will win a Primary Science Magnet Set in the Never Stop Learning Event. 

For some EXTRA ENTRIES in the Never Stop Learning Event.. please comment below with another Learning Resources Product you'd love to own.  Must comment on this post and then claim your entries on the Never Stop Learning main post rafflecopter.  

Thank you to Learning Resources for sponsoring this review and giveaway.  
I was provided the above mentioned product for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  disclosure



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