Friday, July 6, 2012

Thin Ice on Blu-Ray / DVD Review

Thin Ice available on Blu-Ray & DVD Now

     Twentieth Centruy Fox Home Entertainment has released Thin Ice on Blu-ray & DVD.  This movie features Alan Arkin, Billy Crudup, and Lea Thompson.  

     Looking for a way to jump start his business, Mickey a small time insurance agent reunites with his estranged wife and escapes the frigid Wisconsin weather.  He is a self-proclaimed master of spin and he believes that salesmanship is all about selling a story.  All he needs is a sucker that is willing to buy.  He finds a lonely retired farmer and believes he has hit pay dirt.  Mickey feels that he is sitting on something much bigger than an insurance commission.  Unfortunately for Mickey his attempt to con the old man spins out of control when an unstable and nosy locksmith with a volatile temper dramatically ups the stakes, trapping him in a spiral of danger, deceit and double-crossing.  

Thin Ice Blu-ray and DVD Special Features: 
·      Behind-The-Scenes of Thin Ice
·      Deleted Scenes
·      Sundance Premiere Featurette

     This is one of those, things are not as they seem type movies.  This movie is written in a way that the outcome is disguised.  This really makes it where you have to watch the movie close.  This movie has many funny parts.  But if your not watching it close then you might get a little lost.    But when you have your attention on the movie you will see all the twists and turns.  The acting is great and contribute to this movie being a success.  

  Buy it:  Thin Ice Blu-ray and DVD $29.98 $19.99

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