Thursday, August 30, 2012

All For Baby: Babee Covee 6 in 1 Blanket Review

     With a baby comes stuff.  Yes whenever you have a baby you have more things and definitely more things to take with you when you go places.  I really like to find products that can double as more things so there is less to carry.  I recently came across the Babee Covee 6 in 1 Blanket and I was immediately interested.  Who wouldn't be?  Here is a product that can be used for 6 different things.  That means way less to carry.  I received the blue hears/mocha dots Babee Covee.

     The Babee Covee is about 30in X 40 in.  The blanket is machine washable and reversible.  The material is so soft and lightweight.  It is durable from infant to toddlerhood.  It easily attaches to strollers and car seats with a no slip tie.  The Babee Covee can be used for so many different things as you can see below.  In the middle of the blanket it opens up for use as a nursing cover or for baby to put his feet through while in a highchair or shopping cart.  There is then a flap that velcro's closed for use as a blanket.
     We used the Babee Covee as a blanket on the floor for Baby Evan to play on.  Jayden loves laying there and playing with him too.  I really like the versatility of this product.  Having more then one child means way more things to carry.  By cutting down the number of items I carry as a mom I am much happier.  I do often worry about germs in public and with Evan being so young I like to have a barrier to help keep germs at bay. Of course Evan is a little small to sit in a public highchair or public grocery cart, but I know the time will come when I need to place him in one and having the Babee Covee will be a lifesaver.  With Jayden I had a cover, but it was not as versatile and usable for so many things.

     The Babee Covee would be a great shower gift for any mom.  Currently the Babee Covee comes in 3 color combinations, Pink Hearts/Mocha Dots, Blue Hearts/Mocha Dots, and Green Hearts/Mocha Dots.  The hearts stick out a bit for a little extra texture and sensory for baby.
Arizona Mama
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  1. Wow I have never heard of a product that has so many multi functions! It’s true that when you have a baby, you have a million things to carry and remember to pack; it’s so great to only have to remember to pack only one thing! The babe covee looks so cute too! I love the color that you reviewed and it’s sold at a very reasonable prize, considering all its uses! Thanks for the info and review and thanks also for the discount code! I’ll be sure to buy some since I’ll be needing them soon, I’m due in 3 weeks! 

    1. @Liz Ticona - definitely take advantage of the promo and many advance congrats on being due 3 weeks from now. Be sure to get plenty of sleep now:-)

  2. What a great design! I ended up buying a car seat cover, nursing cover and blanket - I could have saved myself time and money by buying an all-in-one. This is also great for traveling - space saver. I'm definitely going to recommend to my friends.

    1. Stacey - never too late. Am sure the 6-in-1 Babee Covee will still come in handy especially for on-the-go. It'll definitely lighten up your load while out and about.