Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby Evan's Birth Story

     I can't believe that it has been a week since Evan's birth.  I wanted to write his birth story and share how it all came out.  You already know that I was past my due date by a week.  It was Monday morning and I called the hospital to see if I was able to get in for my scheduled induction.  At 5 am I called and they said that they didn't have a bed available and they'd call me later in the day or evening when a room is open.  She also shared that there were 5 inductions scheduled for that day and I was supposed to be at the top of the list since I was the most over due.  I was a little frustrated and wondered how long it would be.  I went back to bed hoping for labor to come on itself.  When John got up for work he went ahead and left since we didn't know when it would be or even if it would be that day.

     Jayden and I hung out at home and tried to keep ourselves occupied.  I had some random contractions, but nothing consistent.  At around 2:15 I got a call from the hospital saying I could come in and have my baby.  I told her it would take me about an hour to get up there (had to wait for John to get home and my mom to get to my house) and she said that is fine.  When I hung up I immediately called my mom so she can make her way to our place.  She is further then John so I wanted to give her the most time.  I then called John at work.  He was just getting lunch.  While I was making calls Jayden woke up from his nap.  John came home quickly and got ready for the hospital.  We waited for my mom.  As soon as she walked in the door we went to the hospital.  We checked in and finally got into our room just after 4pm.  The nurse got me all hooked up to monitor baby and me.  She then started the pitocin.  The nurse shared that the doctor would be in soon and I realized it was the doctor that I was a little concerned about.  He is a nice guy, just when I met him in a visit I was not real comfortable with him and I was concerned with having him at delivery.  He came by to visit, but shared that he was about to go home and my doctor was coming in for the night.  YAY!  I was going to have my own doctor for delivery.

     We got settled in and the nurse shared I could have up to 3 people in the room.  I asked about Jayden and she said sure he can come and stay as long as he wants, even during birth as long as he has an adult to be with him.  I didn't want him the whole time, but I did like the idea he could come and see what was going on.  So my mom brought him up to the hospital.  When they got there Jayden looked a little concerned with me in bed and hooked up to monitors.  He asked me if they gave me the medicine to have baby Evan.  I said yes, but it will take some time.  I asked him to come give me hugs, but he was hesitant.  He wanted to walk around the hospital so John took him for a walk while my mom stayed with me.  After they came back I asked him again to take a picture with me.  He hesitated, but did.  Afterwards he asked me if there was medicine on him.  I quickly realized that he though they rubbed medicine on my tummy to get Evan out and he was worried the medicine would get on him.  I explained that the medicine was in the machine and went in through my tubes and not on my tummy.

     The doctor came in just after 6 pm and she quickly stopped by to check on me.  At that time I was about a 3 or 4 and she said she was going to break my water.  The contractions were alright, but soon after breaking my water they started to hurt much more.  I was told I could get the epidural whenever I wanted so I asked for it.  The nurse said she'd call the anesthesiologist for me. But she wanted me to understand that the epidural might cause my labor to slow.  She said that is not a problem, but that sometimes the meds will slow labor.  I thought about it, but the pain was too much (yes I am a wimp) and said I was fine with that and wanted the epidural.  So we waited for the anesthesiologist who was in another room at the time and had another before me.  The pain came on stronger.  The nurse checked me again and said I was up to a 5.  As the contractions got more painful and we waited my mom took Jayden home.  It was time for him to go to bed and I didn't want him to see me in pain.  Soon after she came and gave me the epidural.  The pain went away and I felt better.  Of course my whole lower half became really numb.  I didn't remember being that numb with Jayden.

     The nurse would come and go to check on me.  I loved this nurse by the way, her name was Jocelyn and she was awesome!  When she checked again I was up to a 7-8.  She was surprised at how fast I was progressing.  Evan's heart rate kept disappearing as he would move away from the monitor and there were blimps in the monitor.  Then like 4 or 5 nurses came in to help me.  They were checking on Evan and slowed the pitocin a little.  The doctor decided to put in a catheter to put water back in since it seemed to be stressing Evan a little.  The doctor also shared that she will be able to better tell how strong the contractions were, because the monitor that they put on me doesn't really show the strength.  The nurses were very responsive and helpful.  They all began to get the room ready since it seemed that I was progressing so quickly.  Jocelyn checked me and I was pretty much ready.  She said I just had one little area that needed to progress a little more.  So she turned me on my side to help me progress.  Shortly after she checked and I was ready.  She asked if I felt the need to push yet.  I didn't yet, but not 5 minutes later I did.  She called the doctor and told me to let it get stronger.  The nurse left the room and we turned off the television.  It just seemed to distract from what was going on.  When Jocelyn came back in she said the room was so quiet.. we were not even talking.  John was half asleep and I was just relaxing, knowing I would be working soon.  So Jocelyn turned on some soft music for us.

     Right before I was going to try a "practice" push as the nurse referred to it the lights in the room went out.  It was really weird.  The nurse had the lights on the side and in the bathroom on, but they all went out and they could not figure out why.  It was only my room.  So only the overhead lights they pulled from the ceiling were working.  I did a couple of practice pushes and the nurse said I was doing great.  This was nice to hear because when I had Jayden I was told I was doing it wrong.  Through these practice pushes I guess I pushed Evan into the birth canal.  John said he saw hair.  She had me stop and wait for the doctor.  I looked at the clock and it was about 10 minutes to midnight at that point.  The doctor came in and we started to push again.  The nurse told the doctor I was a champion pusher and it won't be too long.  She had me push though a contraction, then a short break and back to pushing again.  At that point Evan came out and he was born at 12:07 AM.  So it was less then 15 minutes of pushing and he was out.

     The doctor put him on my chest and John cut the umbilical cord.  I was able to hold him on my chest much longer then I had Jayden (and I though the time I held Jayden was good).  I actually wondered if she was going to take him at all.  The nurse stated that I was so calm.  It was weird because I was just in shock that he came so quickly and that he was so perfect.  I did have a few tears of happiness.  I could not believe how perfect he was.  And then the lights suddenly came back on!  Evan's apgar scores were 8 and 9.  The nurse did take him to clean him up more and get his measurements.  I had to send John over to get pictures.  He was worried about getting in the way, but did get a couple.  The nurse took Evan to the scale and she announced he was 8lbs 10 oz., yes a big boy, but still smaller then Jayden was.  She then gave him to me again.  The doctor had been working on me and luckily this time (as compared with Jayden) I didn't really feel anything.  Of course my legs were still completely numb.  I started to breastfeed Evan then.  He seemed to latch pretty well.  Breastfeeding has been a concern of mine since I had such a hard time with Jayden.  I laid there happily with Evan breastfeeding on each side before moving to the recovery room.

     Moving to the recovery room my lower half was still very numb.  The nurse had to help me get into the wheelchair and handed Evan back to me.  On our way out of the room we had to stop and change Evan's security tag because the first one was not working.  We got to the recovery room and I didn't want to let go of Evan for a second.  The whole night I just wanted to hold him and stare at him.  John of course was ready to sleep right away.  So I was up more then 24 hours without sleep, plus after all the IV fluids I was super swollen.  So I don't look so great in the photos.  The next morning Jayden was the first visitor to meet his baby brother and was so excited to hold him.

     So after that really long story we have a perfect sweet baby boy added to our family.


  1. Congrats on your new LO! That wasn't a long story at all! I'm so glad you did so well and that your family was there for you. Jayden was so cute asking if the medicine got on him.. It's so amazing how their little brains work!

  2. HUGE congrats Mama! {&Family!} That's so weird about the lights going out! &I'm so glad you had your doctor!

  3. What a great birth story! Congratulations by the way! I love reading about birth stories since I’m due to give birth to my first baby (a boy!) in 3 weeks and it helps me see what to expect a little and some tips sometimes. I don’t’ plan to have to be inducted but you never know! I actually love the fact when you get induced you are able to prepare better for baby since you know exactly when it’ll happen. Oh by the way, I’m a wimp too and have very low tolerance for pain so as soon as they tell me they can give me the epidural I’ll say YES! Lol why suffer with pain when we can have relief? . I’m glad that your delivery was so quick! I hope I can do it like you (hey I can wish and hope right  ) and I’m able to push my baby out in 15 minutes. I think the lights going off was so weird though but a nice “anecdote” to tell to your son about his unique birth story  Hope you are doing great recovering at home and enjoying your little baby as well as your other adorable son.