Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun and Function: Ready, Set, Stilts Review Plus 10% Discount Code

     I don't know if there are more children now that have special needs or if we are just identifying them earlier in life.  But either way there seems to be more awareness of children with special needs.  Working in head start over the years I have worked with many children that have special needs.  I actually love working with these children and they are a part of why I chose this field.  Over the years the toys and materials have started to come around and really lend themselves to helping these children.  Recently I was contacted by Fun and Function about a review.  I looked over their website and found that they have many great products for children with special needs and many that typically developing children would also find fun and educational.  So of course I said yes I'd love to work with them.  Jayden does not have any special needs, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying some fun toys.

     Fun and Function is an online store with a large inventory of fun toys and they specializes in toys, games, and therapy items for children with special needs.  They really work to have some cool, fun, functional education items for children at affordable prices.  It was launched in 2005 by Aviva Weiss, a pediatric occupational therapist and her husband after they found out one of their own children was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder.  In searching for materials to work with their own child they found that there was a lack of kid friendly products with high prices.  By creating this website with a large number of kid friendly, fun, and educational products Weiss and her husband have opened the door for so many other parents and therapists.

     I was sent the Ready, Set, Stilts to review.  The shipment came very quickly and was just as described.  Jayden was immediately excited about trying them.  Of course here in AZ its so hot that it is hard to go out and play when I get home from work so he had to wait a few days.  He was excited to show them to his daddy when he got home too.  John was not too sure of them.  He is always so worried about Jayden getting hurt.  But I assured him that he would be fine and even gain some great skills.  Jayden immediately noticed the picture on the box and told me the little boy is wearing a helmet.  He told his daddy I can wear my helmet too to be safe.

     The Ready, Set, Stilts are made by Alex Toys.  They are adjustable for different heights so they grow with your child.  They come with two different sets of feet for your child's growing abilities too.  They have soft grip handles.  The stilts are for ages 5 years and up and can hold up to 110 pounds.  Children learn balance, control, strength, and coordination. 

     We put the stilts together and let Jayden try them out.  Since the heat shows no signs of letting up here, we decided to try them out in the house.  Jayden was excited to get started.  He went in search of his helmet since the boy on the box is wearing a helmet.  Jayden got started with John's help.  At first he let John do the work to move it, but soon figured out what to do.  I walked with him some and really I was mostly there just to help him balance.  The top of the stilts have cushion handles at the top, making it nice for parents to hold on and help a child lead the way.  I also took a turn helping him walk around.  The handles at the top really helped me out as the parent and I didn't have to bend over to help.  Jayden is getting better at using them, but will need more practice.
Chilly Swing SeatReading Mats
     Fun and Function has so many great products for children of all abilities and interests.  Make sure you check them out.  And to make it even better Fun and Function is offering Arizona Mama readers a special  discount code.  Go check out their site and use the code ArizonaFun for 10% off until October 1, 2012.  I'd love it if you came back and told me what you bought or would like to buy.

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  1. Oh my how fun are those? J looks like he is having a great time and I love seeing the helmet!

  2. Those stilts would be a huge hit here too! Jayden will be a pro in no time! I love that hammock swing too!

  3. Totally fun! I would have loved those as a kid!

    And those stuffed animal sleep mats really caught my eye, too. We have one and loooove it. I need another, so this discount is perfect! Thanks!

  4. I always loved stilts As a kid! So fun!fun

  5. This looks so fun!! and a 10% discount! wahoo I love coupons/promos :) thank-you for the reveiw !

  6. These stilts look so fun! I'm having a baby boy soon and when he's of age, i'm sure he'd love these! But they'll make a great Christmas present this holidays for boys in my family! thanks for the review! :)


  7. What a great teaching tool. This is great for younger.

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