Friday, August 17, 2012

My Pregnancy Progression

     Well while I wait for baby boy to make an entrance to this world I though it would be fun to go back and put a progression of photos as I grew!  BTW.. I did go to the doctor today and I was still dilated at a 1, but now my cervix is completely thin.  She went ahead and stripped my membranes again.  This time it really hurt!  I have had a very tight belly ever since, some contractions and just plain uncomfortableness <---not sure that is a word, but whatever.  So we will see if we go into labor soon.  The doctor did tell me that although I am scheduled for Monday in the morning to be induced that the hospital has been buys and canceling the scheduled inductions because they don't have the room.  So hopefully I go on my own, soon!

So here is my progression:

     OK, so looking back at these tell me that number 1 I grew, and grew, and grew!!  Yea I got big, well I am big now.  Might be why I can't hold the laptop on my lap now, I have it set to the side.  LOL!  And number 2 I realized that most of my pictures were taken in the evening just before bed so I am in pajamas most the time.  Sorry about that.. not the most flattering, but it was comfortable.

     Anyway, next I hope to show pictures of baby boy.  Wish me some labor luck for this weekend!!


  1. Wishing luck!! Common baby!
    I think you look adorable, pjs or not! :)

  2. I think baby Evan is coming on Sunday evening! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

  3. Congrats! Baby will come soon and you'll forget how much you waited at the end :) Mommy brain, gotta love it!

  4. Very soon!!! exciting
    ps- nothing wrong with a Pj shot (;)

  5. I know you are getting excited, best wishes for whenever the little one decides to get here!

  6. I love the progression pictures! Best of luck for a safe delivery (soon!).