Saturday, September 15, 2012

All For Baby: Boba Wrap Review and Giveaway

        One of my goals or plans with baby boy was and is to babywear more.  With Jayden I attempted a couple times, but quickly gave it up.  It was difficult for me and a lot of that was because I didn't have the right equipment.  This time around I decided that quiting is not an option.  With two children I need to be able to keep track of both of them and I feel that if I babywear baby boy then that is one covered and I will have my hands free to keeping track of Jayden.  When it comes to equipment I knew I needed a nice wrap for while baby boy is small.  Boba was kind enough to send me one of their Boba Wraps.

     The Boba Wrap is designed for Preemie to 18 months.  It can be used for a front or infant hold.  This wrap supports up to 35lbs.  By using this wrap your able to have your hands free for other tasks.  And it is ideal for breastfeeding.  It is even machine washable.  The Boba wrap has no belts or buckles, making it simply a large piece of fabric that is easily sized to the wearer.  So you don't have to get a different size for mom and dad, both can fit the wrap to their body size easily.  The Boba Wrap also comes in 15 different colors with two being organic.  This wrap is a great choice for both the experienced and newbie baby wearers.

     I will admit that I was a bit intimidated by the long piece of cloth that I was about to wrap around my body to hold my baby.  I laid the book with instructions on the couch as I began to wrap as the instructions said.  My mom was here to help me also.  I then put Evan in the wrap.  He wanted to look around so his head kept bobbing around.  He seemed very comfortable and he loves the position of being up against my chest.  As intimidated I was with the material, it was actually very easy to follow the directions and tie it on.

     I have used the Boba wrap around the house and in the neighborhood.  I used it while walking as Jayden rode his bike around the block.  Baby Evan slept the whole time.  It seems being in a wrap makes him so comfortable he just sleeps.  I did worry a little when we went for a walk the other day that he might be too hot.  But I was mostly concerned because it was so hot outside, not that the wrap caused the heat.  But adding the wrap to the already hot weather outside and I was concerned.

I am really enjoying babywearing with Evan and it really does make things much easier to get things done.  Plus he is always so comfortable while in the carrier he sleeps much better.

Arizona Mama

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