Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Boy Evan 1 Month Update

     I can't believe that my baby boy is a whole month old now.  It feels like just yesterday he was born.  I'm happy to see him grown and become the little person he is, but I'm sad to see the time go so quickly.  It makes me sad to know that I have to return to work soon and I won't get to spend all day with both my boys.    We have been trying to do some fun things besides sitting at home.  

Typical Development from SmartMomma:
   Your baby is one month old! She can now lift her head for short periods of time and move it from side to side. Remember that tummy time is play time. To prevent SIDS, she should be put on her back to sleep. When she is on her tummy, be sure you are supervising to be sure she is picking her face up to breath.
Baby still prefers the human face to other shapes, so give her something to smile about. Make silly faces and sing to her. You’re still a blur from a distance, so hold baby close to your face when playing. She is now able to follow objects with her eyes, especially her mom on the move.

     Your little one has little control over her limbs, but has started making jerky arm movements. At least she is starting to notice she has arms and feet. Encourage her by pulling up her arms for her and playing a game.
Baby thrives on skin-to-skin contact, so nursing is ideal. If you are not nursing, hold and touch her often. Let her lie on your naked chest and feel your heartbeat. It will remind her of the sounds of the womb.
Baby will begin to smile and coo, especially when she sees familiar faces. If your baby is overstimulated or understimulated, she will cry. For every 10 hours, baby is alert for one hour. Use that time to play peek-a-boo games with her. Also, talk and sing to her. She remembers your voice more than anyone’s from her days in the womb. A lullaby CD or Baby Einstein’s Baby Mozart is wonderful stimulation for your 1-month old.

Medical:  Evan has had a couple of doctor's appointments.  At both his 2 day and 2 week appointment he showed growth and the doctor was very happy with his growth.  Everything checked out healthy.  He also had is circumcision.  The appointment went well and somehow he didn't even cry when it happened.  The doctor said he really liked the sugar water.  The next morning I saw that he seemed to have developed a small blister on his little penis.  I called the doctor and went in to have it looked at.  I saw a different doctor in the office and she decided it was probably fine, but would drain it anyway.  But after she went to get what she needed she checked again and the blister was gone, drained on its own.  Probably while she was checking it out it popped.  So we left.  My doctor saw I was in over the weekend so he called me to see how Evan was.  He asked if I'd bring him in so he can follow up and be sure it looks alright.  He had never seen or heard of a blister like that.  He checked it out and it was fine.  It is all healed now, with no problem.  We have our next appointment at 2 Months.  I also need to make an appointment for the pediatric dermatologist to look at his birth mark.  I will do that in the next couple of days and hope to have his appointment before his next update.  

Growth: Not sure exact weight and length at this time.  I know he has gained weight and is over 9lbs.. probably getting close to 10lbs.  {10lbs. 3oz at pediatric dermatologist on 9/24} He is a good eater and is getting chunky.  For length he is at least 21 inches.  

Clothing Size:  Evan is still wearing newborn clothing.  I am surprised because Jayden did not wear newborn half this time.  But I expect he will be moving to 0-3 very soon.  

Eating:  Exclusively breast milk.  Evan has only been breastfeeding and doing very well with it.  He eats like crazy and makes plenty of noise to let you know he is enjoying it.  So far we have not introduced a bottle, but I expect to very soon.  I want him to practice before I have to go back to work.  

Sleeping:  Evan continues to sleep lots, but has longer wake periods.  At night he is sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches often.  He wakes to eat, but only what is needed before he falls back to sleep.  He is sleeping in the bassinet next to my bed when he goes down at night, but when he wakes to eat he often ends up in bed with me.  

New developments:  Pretty much everything is new since its only a month.  He has been lifting his head some since birth and continues to get stronger and stronger.  He will lift his head and turn to the opposite side.  During tummy time he will push with his toes and go over the top of the bump.  Evan is a pretty serious baby and often keeps a serious face.  He is smiling more often.  He takes a pacifier with some extra encouragement some of the time. He is not loving it like Jayden did, but will use it sometimes.  

Likes:  He loves laying on his changing table and gives many of his smiles there.  Evan likes his baths or at least tolerates them without crying.  He loves to be held and to cuddle.  Often when he falls asleep and I lay him down he will wake soon after and want to be held.  He sleeps best in my arms or when swaddled.  He likes his play mat and his musical mobile.  

Dislikes:  He HATES to have a wet or dirty diaper.  When his diaper is wet or dirty he will cry out until you actually get the diaper off and are wiping him clean, then he smiles.  He does not like to be put down for long. 

Words:  No words yet, lots of grunts and some cooing.  Sometimes in his sleep he will smile and even let out some laughs.  

Jayden's thoughts:  Jayden loves his little brother.  He tells me almost daily, "this is the perfect baby for us.  he's perfect."  He also tells me he loves his brother.  He of course has some problems with sharing mommy and daddy.  Often while I am breastfeeding Evan, Jayden will crawl up and sit in the chair right with us.  He will often play a game on my phone.  Jayden likes to tell everyone that this is his baby brother Baby Evan.  He told my manager at work that Evan has a belly button like he does.  Jayden told the sitter that Baby Evan needs to grow and get bigger.  He can't play ball yet or even walk.  


  1. A month old already? Wow!
    I love when doctors call to make sure our little ones are okay, those are a rare breed!

  2. Very cute. I love the little hat with his name on it!