Saturday, September 8, 2012

Costume Discounters Venus Goddess of Love Halloween Costume Review

     I know what your thinking.. its barely September.  But is is never too early to think about Halloween and the fun of dressing up.  Typically Halloween is a fun child's holiday for dressing up and trick or treating.  Or at least it is for us.  But sometimes we go places that ask for adults to dress up too.  So in joining the fun I decided to get a costume for myself to wear for this review.  I needed a costume that is comfortable and not super revealing.  Since any place I wear it would be with the kids and I felt like too much reveal is not appropriate with kids, plus just not usable when having to hold children.  So while looking on Costume Discounters I found the Venus Goddess of Love costume.

     The costume consists of a long cream to burgundy gown with a head piece.  Online the costume looked so pretty that I could not pass it up and when I received it in the mail it did not disappoint.  The dress is made from 100% knitted Polyester.  It comes in small/medium or medium/large.  I decided to go with the larger size since I am not back to my normal size after giving birth.  Plus it has been my experience that the larger size seems to work better.  The size is perfect and even as I lose weight I am sure it will still fit well.  The dress has large drape like sleeves.  The sleeves drape over your arms.  The fit in the chest was good and there was plenty of room.  The dress is long and goes all the way down to my feet.  I really like this costume and I'd be happy to wear this to any Halloween or Costume event.

     Are you in need of a costume this year?  Check out the 2012 Costume Ideas.  There are so many cute and fun costumes.  I now need to get a costume for baby Evan.  There are so many cute ones to choose from that its hard to pick.  With 20% off and free shipping at Costume Discounters you can't go wrong.
Buy it:  Venus Goddess of Love Costume $39.99 $31.99          

Thank you to Costume Discounters for sponsoring this review.  
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  1. wow you look good in that one and hoep you get to use it

  2. You look gorgeous in that- and it's pretty on it's own, too!

  3. I'm getting so excited for Halloween! What a fun costume!

  4. I love the goddess-like costumes. Reminds me of "Troy", which was a great movie. I love the long flowing style of this gown. Beautiful!

  5. Now that looks sexy without being revealing! It fits you perfectly too.