Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Am NOT the Perfect Mom

     Yesterday, Jen from Life with Levi posted the picture below on her Facebook page, with the intention that the message at the bottom of the picture would be seen and moms could be more supportive of each other, instead of lashing out at each other for the decisions they make or don’t make.
Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Instead, many people ignored that message and it turned into a war about circumcision, with lots of name calling and judgment.
Check out the comments here, if you’re interested.

     So, with that, Jennifer challenged us to a fun little meme about all the ways that we do things as moms that make us “bad mommies” in the eyes of those so worthy of judging others.

  • * I gave birth to both my boys in the hospital.
  • * I had to use pitocin to encourage labor on quicker and/or to get it started.
  • * I received an epidural during the birth of both of my boys. 
  • * I used disposable diapers on Jayden for the first 2 months and then only did part time cloth for the next 6 months.
  • * I have used a few disposable diapers on Evan.
  • * I cloth diapered Jayden most of his diaper time and I cloth diaper Evan now.
  • * Both my boys are circumcised.
  • * Both of my boys have been put down in the bassinet at night, but end up in bed with me to co sleep.
  • * I exclusively pumped for Jayden for a year. (He had formula for about 3 or 4 days until my milk came in).
  • * I exclusively breast feed Evan and he has not had anything but my breast milk.
  • * I work full time outside my home.
  • * My boys will go to a full time sitter when I return to work after my maternity leave.
  • * My boys get their immunizations on the schedule my doctor recommends.  (a couple have been delayed as per his suggestion, but not long)
  • * With Jayden I made some of his baby food, but also used jar food most the time. 
  • * I plan to make homemade baby food for Evan when he is ready. 
  • * Jayden used his pacifier past age 2.
  • * I recently introduced Evan to a pacifier. 
  • * I tell my boys everyday I love them with all my heart. 
  • * I hug and kiss my boys every chance I get. 
  • * I don't let Evan cry much and hold him in my arms most the time, I did the same with Jayden. 
  • * I feed Jayden vegetables and don't always eat vegetables myself.
  • * I let Jayden have cookies, chips, pudding, and chocolate.
  • * I do not let Jayden drink soda.
  • * I still water down Jayden's juice. 
  • * Jayden's favorite place to eat is McDonalds and we ate there today.
  • * I take tons of pictures of my boys.  
  • * Jayden did not drink any juice until after he was 2 years old.
  • * Jayden rear faced in the car seat until about 2 and a half years old.
  • * Evan will rear face at least that long.
  • * I baby wear Evan.
  • * Jayden still sleeps in his crib, made into the day bed. 
  • * Jayden usually runs around in just his underwear.
  • * Jayden plays Mobigo video games and Wii video games.
  • * I let Jayden play with my blackberry.
  • * Jayden continued to poop in a diaper up until last week. 
  • * Jayden watches lots of TV, mostly just Nick Jr., PBS, and Disney Jr. 
  • * I do not allow Jayden to watch violent shows like Power Rangers.
  • * I often let Jayden stay up late. 
  • * Jayden does not take a bath EVERY single night. 
  • * I use time out with Jayden.
  • * I spoil my boys as much as I can.
  • * I usually make meal in a bags for dinner, hardly ever cook from scratch.
  • * We celebrate holidays with Santa and the Easter Bunny.
  • * I let Jayden make many decisions.

     This list could go on forever. There are many things that I have chosen to do as a mommy that others may not agree with. But… My children are LOVED!!   I do not do things in the same way as other moms.   I do not judge the way other moms do things.  I do not like to be judged for my actions and for the way I raise my children. Everyone is different. Each parent and each child is different.  It is OK to do things differently! Nothing is right or wrong... they are all just different.  


  1. I love it! Too many people have ideas of what the perfect mom is when there is no perfect mom. No one is perfect but we are all great! It breaks my heart when I see my mom friends feel so guilty because they want to use formula or because baby co-sleeps. If it works and your kids are happy that is all that truly matters.

  2. Love your list!! I wish we had waited to give juice to our little guy but we do water it down! We only bathe them every other night. You are making me think of things to add to mine! :) great list and you are a great mama!!

  3. I exclusively pumped for Levi, too! And I work full time. I totally relate to your list.