Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Tastes On Second Base : Scheduled vs. On-Demand Nursing

     Each week April at Mama on a Green Mission and Courtney at Joy of Momma Joyner are hosting a fun post around breastfeeding.  So I am going to try my best to link up weekly with them.  Each week will be a different breastfeeding topic.  This week the topic is Scheduled vs. On-Demand Nursing.

     Personally I do On-Demand Nursing with Evan.  Whenever baby boy is hungry I feed him.  This can get tiring for sure.  This means Evan and I are stuck with each other all the time.  I don't really mind because I love being with him.  It does get difficult when Jayden needs attention and I am busy feeding Evan.  But for me it is important to allow Evan to eat when he is hungry.  Luck for me he is a good night sleeper and likes to sleep long stretches at night.  I don't wake him to eat, I let him wake me to eat.  He is having plenty of wet and dirty diapers and is gaining weight well so I guess it is working just fine for us.

     Now in a little over a month I will have to return to work.  At that point feedings will have to be somewhat scheduled.  Mostly because I will need to feed before I leave for work and again when I get home.  I know my sitter will be fine with giving him a bottle when he wants it and not just on a schedule.  So I guess his schedule will be flexible with some requirements.  I honestly kind of worry about this time because right now although we are On-Demand feeding, it seems around the same time is when he eats.  He has set his own schedule just as Jayden did.  But I find that the morning feeding is around 6 AM.  I have to leave for work around 6:30 so I will have to try to get him to eat a little earlier or feed him last thing before I leave for work.  Either way I will work it out.

     How do you feed your baby?  Do you feed On-Demand like we do or do you have a schedule?  If you did a schedule then I'd love to hear how you decided on the schedule and how you were able to implement it.    If your inspired and would like to join this weekly post or even if just this time please feel free to write it up on your blog and link up below.

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up with us!! :) We do on-demand too, and when I returned to work it all worked out. She is still on-demand, just with a bottle during the day. I do try to feed her shortly before I leave in the morning. I find that I ALWAYS have to nurse her when I get home but I honestly think it's more about comfort nursing at that time because she could have just had a bottle 1-2 hours before I get home but it never fails---when I get home SHE IS READY TO NURSE. I really thinks it's about her missing me but I'm happy to nurse her, cause I miss her too! :)

  2. I always nursed on demand in the beginning but as Eliana got older I started to put her more on a set schedule so I was able to leave her with grandma if needed

  3. with my daughter i was told to make sure she nursed every 2-3 hours... so i waked her and nursed her all the time. That probably did not help with sleep! With my son I knew better, so I feel I did better - he was nursed on demand.

    After around a year I don't nurse on demand, but I am still nursing :)